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Software: Parlay Games


Cyber Bingo offers 75 and 90 ball bingo games, as well as a variety of rooms with different themes and bingo game variants. You will never get bored when you sign up for the services of Cyber Bingo. Add to this are the mini and side games of Cyber Bingo.

It is no longer special to see these side games, actually, but the fact that Cyber Bingo offers some casino games in addition to the bingo should drive more members to their flock.

For one, Cyber Bingo makes sure that its clients and customers get the most options in terms of services. For instance, its variety of bingo games is to die for many bingo providers will drool when they see what Cyber Bingo has got to offer.

The choices are very important, because this means Cyber Bingo is very dedicated in providing only the best and the most sufficient in terms of quality. There is no second best when it comes to what the clients would get. Cyber Bingo is very flexible when it comes to depositing money into your in-game account. It accepts US dollars, GBP and Euro. Surely, you wouldn’t find it difficult when you need to load some money into your account. Very few providers can actual match this kind of service, so this makes Cyber Bingo very special.

Cyber Bingo Prizes

And then, as if these aren’t enough, Cyber Bingo offers amazing prizes. Although some of these special prizes are for special occasions only, very few service providers go beyond the usual. Fact is, it is a proven fact that Cyber Bingo is pushes the envelope to satisfy the customers. The welcome bonuses and loyalty point program add some more value to your already valued cash. What more can you ask for?

You may be tempted to go with those online bingo providers that seem to be quite prominent, but you would be hard pressed to look for other providers as capable as Cyber Bingo.

Perhaps because the website is really playing up the theme, Cyber Bingo is rather patriotically designed. What’s great with game screens of Cyber Bingo is that it does not remain stagnant or the same. When you play different games, the designs change with it. Still, even with the changes, the overall look and feel of Cyber Bingo remains the same.

Of course, Cyber Bingo offers 75 ball bingo games. Although Cyber Bingo does not have the other bingo varieties (perhaps this is because Cyber Bingo is really dedicated in serving the good name of its website), it does have other min games such as slots and scratch cards. Members cannot play other casino games through Cyber Bingo. However, members can play these mini games while playing the bingo game itself (for some reason, people online are saying that Americans love side games; obviously, not only Americans can enjoy these delightful side games).

Cyber Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

As among the first to offer games in Macromedia Flash, it is expected that Cyber Bingo offers the games in the non download medium. The Flash-based games of Cyber Bingo are fast and efficient, pretty much what you would expect from a pioneer in the area.

Cyber Bingo offers a 500%initial deposit bonus and a 300% redeposit bonus, as well as free 5 dollars for free games (which you can get even without depositing money into your account). But a great feature from Cyber Bingo is the 50% money back guarantee. This bonus guarantees to give you back 50 percent of your initial deposit if you do not win anything from the games you played.

Cyber Bingo is well known for a very accommodating customer support staff, which you can access through phone or e-mail.

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Restricted Countries:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Herzegovina, Hungary, Turkey, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland and Yugoslavia

Cyber Bingo Info

The minimum amount for deposits is $25.00 and new players will be limited to $100.00 maximum per day.
Payouts can be requested at any time for any amount not exceeding the available account balance.

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