123 Bingo Online has Launched 90 Ball Bingo

If you think that playing 90 ball bingo is very British than123 Bingo Online are on the same page. After all, that is what is being lavishly played in the UK. 123 Bingo Online proudly presents the UK style 90 ball bingo. Visit their brand new Ruby Bingo Room from 11A.M to 11 P.M GMT for the most stylish and exquisite 90 ball bingo experience online.

Besides playing regular winning combinations like, Two Lines and Full House, you can play plenty of chat games to win whopping bingo bucks!

So, c’mon all you bingo lovers in the UK…join 123BingOnline’s Ruby Bingo community where playing 90 ball bingo is a rich experience in itself.

Ruby’s Treasure Chest

Collect Rubies and exchange them for BBs! Your bingo line wins will get you Rubies in the 90 Ball Bingo. At the end of the day each ruby you won will get you a Bonus Buck.

Get 1 Ruby for One line win from 11 am. to 1 pm. (GMT)  7 am. to 9 am. (EST)
Get 2 Rubies for Two lines win from 7 pm. to 9 pm. (GMT)  3 pm. to 5 pm. (EST)
Get 3 Rubies for a Full House win from 9 pm. to 11 pm. (GMT)   5 pm. to 7 pm. (EST)
Play now roomies! It’s your chance to win up to 120 BBs every day!

Crystal Bingo

Gaze into the crystal ball to predict which side of the bingo board the bingoed ball will fall!
The 90 ball bingo board is divided into the Futuristic and Medieval bingo zones as follows:
Futuristic Bingo Zone from 1 – 45
Medieval Bingo Zone from 46 – 90
Predict whether the bingoed number would be either Futuristic or Medieval before the game starts.
Get 2 points for every right guess.
The player to collect maximum points during the Crystal Bingo session will win 50 BBs.
Play bingo between 8 pm. to 10 pm. (GMT) | 4 pm. to 6 pm. (EST ) on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Grand Slam Bingo

Are you ready to serve an Ace this Wimbledon? It’s Roger Federer VS Rafael Nadal. So, which side of the net you would like to be in?

The Federers will score 2 points if the bingoed number (full house bingoed number) is called out between 1-45.

The Nadals will score 2 points if the bingoed number (full house bingoed number) is called out between 46-90.
At the end of the 2-hour session, the team that scores maximum points will win the Grand Slam and gets to share 75 BBs!
And the losing team? Cheer up, buddies! 123 Bingo has something for you too. 25 BBs is what you get to share!
Play bingo between 8 pm. to 10 pm. (GMT) | 4 pm. to 6 pm. (EST ) on Fridays and Sundays

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