Bingo on Bingo Knights lucky mascots once every hour on weekdays

Bingo Knights play at random in the Chocolate (Quarters) Room! Collect maximum points by the end of the week and win 200 BBs!

Bingo on the US Flag pattern to win 10 points.
Bingo on the Dollar Bill pattern to win 10 points
Bingo on the Corporal Stripes pattern to win 5 points.
Bingo on the Baseball pattern to win 5 points.

Play every week at Bingo Knights, all through the month! Hurry! Plan your pre-buys now!

Starburst in the Saphire Galaxy!
Cash in on some starry hours in the Saphire bingo room here every line helps build up your bonuses! Collect Stars and exchange them for Bonus Bucks! You can collect up to 120 BBs everyday!

Get 1 Star for One line win from 9 am. to 11 am.
Get 2 Stars for Two lines win from 7 pm. to 9 pm.
Get 3 Stars for a Full House win from 9 pm. to 11 pm.

United we Stand!
You guessed it right! Team Bingo is BACK! Team up with your favorite roomies to roll up 1,000 BBs! From July 11 to July 30, we’ll track the bingo wins of each team-member in the Chocolate (Quarters) Room. Between 9 am. to 12 pm. (Noon) and 7 pm. to 10 pm. Regular bingo rewards for the player, and 1 point for the team

By July 30, team with the maximum points gets 600 BBs.
1st Runner-Up Team gets 250 BBs
2nd Runner-Up Team gets 150 BBs

Read Bingo Knights Review. Rooms: 75 Ball 90 Ball Free rooms

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