Bingo Knights Guaranteed Hightrollers Bingo Room Jackpots

$100 Guaranteed in the Highrollers Room at Bingo Knights. Hear the gush of fast flowing cash everyday between 6 pm. and 12 am. (midnight) Just Bingo on the Waterfall pattern and win $100 for sure!

10 BBs to bingo on the Number 6 pattern!
Bingo on the Number 6 and win 10 BBs in the Chocolate (Quarters) Room! And get 35 BBs! We’re at our magnanimous best on the Number 6! 35 BBs are for the one who collects the maximum Number 6 patterns in a day! And 15 BBs for the Runner Up.

Absolutely! Play in Bingo Knights Summertime Bingo Tourney starting June 1 to June 30. And win not just cash but bounteous BBs too!

Find your place in the top 6 winners of the tourney! Top three players in two categories – Most Cards Purchased and Most Bingo Wins, will be selected for these generous hampers:

1st Prize: $250 Cash + 150 BBs
2nd Prize: $150 Cash + 150 BBs
3rd Prize: $100 Cash + 100 BBs

Enjoy Happy Hours in the Freedom Of Speech (Nickels) Room Everyday!
Pick up quick-n-easy guaranteed pots in the wee hours! $5 Guaranteed bingo pots between 6.00 am. and 9.00 am.
And see what you’re missing out in the late afternoon $100 Guaranteed pots between 2.00 pm. and 5.00 pm. However, you needn’t fight your sleep to participate! Just do the Pre-Buys!

There’s no stopping your luck at the 90 Ball Bingo Game!
Go for the Super Full House, and win an added bonus on the number you bingoed to get extra Bingo Knights BBs!
Bingo Knights:
If the bingo number that got you the full house is 27, you get 2+7 = 9 BBs! The game plays on weekends with a special 25c ticket (or a strip for $1.50) in the Saphire (90 ball bingo) Room. At convenient timings between 2 pm. to 4 pm. and 7 pm. to 9 pm. Win bigger bingo prizes/stakes that keep you happy all through the weekend!

Read Bingo Knights Review. Rooms: 75 Ball 90 Ball Free rooms

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