Some of the Grandest Bingo Events at 123 Bingo Online

July 04,2009
Some of the Grandest Bingo Events at 123 Bingo Online

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Join 123 Bingo Online for mint cash on the Independence Day at 123 Bingo Online, the fun never ends. The summer is upon us! So, turn up the heat and get ready to witness some of the grandest bingo events at 123 Bingo Online. This July, get your eyes down for an action-packed month and prizes galore!!

Canada Day Attractions
Lucky Maple Leaf – Grab any of the five lucky maple leaf numbers. 15BBs to be won per game!
Indulge in some Canadian bonding, there’s $100 Guaranteed on C pattern, every hour.
Canada Day Quiz – 30 questions, 3 BBs per first correct answer!

Summertime Bingo Harvest
The ‘Sun’ is shining, $100 guaranteed every hour, everyday.
Hit bingo on B-4, get 20 BBs
Independence Day Bingo Tourney – $450 cash + 450 BBs weekly rewards.
4 summer special bingo patterns will treat you with 200 BBs, every week.
Lucky ‘7’ – Collect most bingo wins on any number ending in ‘7’.

Win $7 cash + 7BBs!!
I love America because………..complete this slogan, and you could stand a chance to win 20 BBs!
Parent’s Day Exclusives
On July 26, bingo on I-26 for 26 BBs. Not enough? Collect most bingo wins on I-26, and take home $100 Cash.
Moms V/S Dads – the best team shares 250 BBs. There are 150 BBs for runners-up too!!

Independence Day Bonanza
Fancy winning a share of $6666 Cash + 3000 BBs? 123 Bingo Online exclusive ‘Independence Day Bonanza’ Raffle can make it happen!

Bingo Classics
Now find all your favorite bingo games in our ‘Bingo Classics’ section
Tryout Lounge – Play FREE bingo and grab your slice of $60 Cash plus 350 BBs.
Power Hours – $100 Cash plus 45BBs up for grabs!
Bingo NFS >> – Race your way to the super-paced bingo games and win up $50 Cash.
Fair and Square Bingo – Your tickets to 2 Grands ($2000)
Friday’s Fortune – refill your pocket with $1000, every weekend.
Daily Surprise Raffle – Surprise raffles everyday, ranging from $100 to $1000