Five Nights of Bingo Tournaments at 123 Bingo

Participate in 123 Bingo weekly Bingo Bonus Tourney. One deposit is good for all FIVE nights! All Tourneys are played from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday in our special BONUS TOURNEY ROOM. BONUS- All deposits for Bonus-Tourney pack will be put into a draw at the end of the month.

Monday Night – Pair Bingo

Each person playing PAIR-BINGO has to designate a partner. When you or your partner wins Bingo your team scores a point. At the end of two hours, the partners who score the most points win.
1st place – 75 BBs
2nd place – 50 BBs
3rd place – 25 BBs

Tuesday Night – High Rollin’ Bingo Tournament

Bingo On:
B-for 1 point
I- for 2 points
N-for 3 points
G-for 4 points
O- or 5 points

Player with most points collected at the end of the two hours will win:
1st 75 BBs
2nd 50 BBs
3rd 25 BBs

Wednesday Night – Bingo Bingo

Each person playing BINGO-BINGO is designated a letter from B-I-N-G-O. When Bingo is called on a letter, the letter-holder will win a point. At the end of two hours, players with the maximum points will be rewarded bonus bucks as follows:
1st place 50 BBs
2nd place 40 BBs
3rd place 30 BBs
4th place 20 BBs
5th place 10 BBs

Thursday Bingo Night – Hip Hop Basketball at 123 Bingo

You like Basketball? You don’t need great dribbling or dunk tactics to win. Just a bit of luck and your winnings will follow the Letter below:

Bingo On:
B- Extra Point – 1 point
I- Extra Point – 2 points
N- Field Goal – 3 points
G –Touchdown – 6 points
O –Touchdown + Extra Point – 7 points

At the end of two hours, the lucky three who have accumulated the maximum number of points will win 75, 50 and 25 BBs respectively.

Friday Bingo Night – Fill Your Treasure

The last number of the number you Bingo on, is your harvest bounty. At the end of two hours, the numbers you have collected will be added and the magic figure that it adds up to can FILL YOUR TREASURY, if you are one of the top three.
1st lucky winner: 100 BBs
2nd lucky winner: 75 BBs
3rd lucky winner: 50 BBs

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