Online Bingo Blockbusters and Halloween Whispers Chat Specials

Play online bingo free, win some Jack!! Join 123 Bingo Online in the Tryout Bingo Lounge to make some extra bucks for the month end. And forget about the deposits! Use your free $25 sign-up bonus or BBs to play.

Just 15 bingo games in the RED Room all this month will get you qualified for the month end draw, that reward three lucky players with:

1st Prize: 200BBs + $30 Cash
2nd Prize: 100BBs + $20 Cash
3rd Prize: 50BBs + $10 Cash

Not enough? Why not make a deposit, and we promise to double your winnings…

Power Hours

Recharge yourself with some extra bingo power! Play Power Hours in the High Roller Room and you could be in for some impressive bingo prizes. Find your place in the following categories to win:

Categories Prize
Maximum Games Won $20 + 50BBs
Maximum Cards Played $15 + 30BBs
Maximum Games Played $10 + 20BBs

Rooms Timings (EST)

GREEN(Quarters) 11 am – 12 noon
RED(Nickels) 3 pm – 4 pm

Top 3 Players to garner most wins during the session gets:

1st prize: $50 Cash
2nd prize: $35 Cash
3rd prize: $20 Cash

Fair and Square Bingo!!

Make way for the Fairest Bingo Game ever! Every night at 10 p.m., keep your date with us in the High Roller Room for a session of Blackout Bingo. Purchase 6 bingo cards, just like everyone else, for $2 each.

Bingo in the first 35 calls and get a mega $2000 cash prize. If no bingo is called, the first player to have a coverall will take home GUARANTEED $500 cash bingo prize.

Fantabulous Fridays

Here’s your chance to win ‘one’ grand! Every Friday! Partake in our Fridays Fortune Raffle – your ticket to win $1000!

Make a deposit of $75 or more on a Friday and get an automatic entry into the $1,000 raffle. Winner will be announced the same day at 11:30 p.m., EST.

Halloween Whispers Chat Specials


Hear out the CM as he hollers ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ in chat. Yell ‘BOO’ each time you spot one. The first two to yell get 5BBs each. Play everyday in the RED, GREEN, and RUBY Room.

Trick or Treat

Every Wednesday and Saturday, between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., go tricking or treating in the GREEN Room.

Winner of each game gets 10 BBs. You can either trick all by keeping the entire 10 BBs or treat one of your friends by gifting them half your BBs.

Halloween Scrambles

If you have a fetish for words, we have a game for you! CM will throw some Halloween-themed jumbled words at you and you need to rearrange them in meaningful words.

The top three players to unscramble the most words, the fastest will be awarded:
1st Place: 15 BBs
2nd Place: 10 BBs
3rd Place: 5 BBs

Play every Tuesday and Friday, between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the GREEN room.

Read 123 Bingo Review. Rooms: 75 Ball 90 Ball

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