Bingo Bling Flash League Happy Thanksgiving

November 02,2010

Bingo Bling Flash League Happy Thanksgiving

Bingo Flash has the first ever Bingo League in November, and it was karinabru who churned out the most bingo wins within a week to carry the $100 trophy home!

On the 2nd Bingo Flash League we’ve got something better lined up! A Cornucopia of Snacks and Gourmet Food Thanksgiving Gift Basket for the top bingo-winner between November 15 and 21! And $50 for the Runner-up!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? So keep these dates in mind and bingo your way to these gifts! The venue remains the USA Mixed Room! See you there!

From 8 AM to 12 noon, the baskets will be passed around every 30 minutes! Other than $25 jackpots, they come stuffed with great bingo-goodies, depending on the color you’ve bingoed on!

Bingo on B: Win 10 BBs
Bingo on I: Win 5 Free Cards
Bingo on N: Win a free entry to the day’s cash raffle
Bingo on G: Win a 50% bonus
Bingo on O: Win the CM’s special gift!

A $735 Bingo Cornucopia!
On this Thanksgiving, see generosity at its best, enjoy feasting to the core and win more than you can think of as the $735 Cornucopia on Bingo Flash is stuffed with corns, candies and cash prizes!

So, rush and dig into our $735 Cornucopia every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to see the prize money being multiplied every weekend in the Green Room from 6 pm to Midnight (12 am). Just bingo on the Popcorn Pattern and win guaranteed pots of $75 each.

25… Bingo Thanksgiving Day!
November 25 is Thanksgiving! A day to thank God for the blessings! A day to thank parents for their care and affection! A day to thank siblings for their love! A day to thank friends for their support…

And a day to bingo on the special Number 25 pattern and win guaranteed pots worth $150.

One Cent Bingo!
This Thanksgiving as the rewards and bonuses are getting fatter and fatter, the bingo cards on our One Cent Bingo sell almost free. Bingo on the Cent pattern and win guaranteed jackpots worth $25 every hour!

Christmas Sale!
Along with Thanksgiving, Christmas is on its way too…! And the Christmas sale is up in full flow on Bingo Flash! So, let’s go shopping…
Everyday, every 3 hours, shop like crazy in our Red Room.

Bingo on the Bow-tie, Diamond Ring, Hat and Shoes patterns and win guaranteed jackpots of up to $800 everyday!

Bingo Babble Think Thanksgiving!
List up all your favorite things for Thanksgiving Day! And enter the special chat hours with the confidence to win a fistful of BBs every week-day!

After a player bingo’s, be the first to think of things that go with Thanksgiving! You have 10 seconds to answer! If you can, you win 3 BBs! Player to respond 2nd gets 2 BBs, and the 3rd response gets 1 BB!

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