Bingo Knights Delightful December Special Games

December 01,2010
Bingo Knights Delightful December Special Games

Bingo Knights

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To play every online bingo game and strike every possible win! A very special edition of Bingo Connect starts on Wednesday, December 24! Two levels will be played, with Level 1 from 24 December to 29 December, and Level 2 from 30 December to 5 January 2011’. Every win during the period will be counted for each level at this rate:

10 Points in the Chocolate Room
5 Points in the Freedom of Speech Room

The prizes are:
Level 1
1st Prize: $100 Cash
2nd Prize: $50 Cash

Plus, top 5 players will earn a credit of 50 Points for Level 2. They will also enjoy a special scoring rate:
12 Points for the Chocolate Room win.
6 Points for the Freedom of Speech Room win.

Level 2
1st Prize: New Year Gift Basket
2nd Prize: $100 Cash
The Top 5 Players in this tournament will get 50 Points to carry over to Bingo Connect-6!

Christmas Lights
Light up happiness with these $30 candles. And of course, the more you light (bingo), the more you win! Not just the guaranteed jackpots, but 15 BBs too!

Bingo Knights play about 24 candles at random hours in a day, and if you can bingo at least 15, you’ll get to add 10 BBs to your tally. Manage between 8 and 14, we’ll still give you 5 BBs!

And to make you happier still, the CMs will play a little game to help you get more BBs! Blow the candle as soon as it bingoes by yelling ‘BLOW’…the first 3 to do so get 1 BB each! 24 games, 24 chances, 24 BBs a day! Now go blow!

Christmas Guesses
How many calls will it take to bingo this $25 Xmas Tree? 15, 20, 35, …? Make your guesses 5 minutes before the game starts, and up to the 5th call after the start of the game.. The one guessing the nearest receives a 5 BB prize!

Yes, there’s still more. The CM has placed a special Xmas gift on every number on the pattern! Ask for it after you bingo!

Christmas Wreath
What do you need to make a bingo Christmas Wreath? Flowers, cherries and a pretty bell to bring the right ‘notes’ home! Get it up and ready the first and win some more!

Now play each of these patterns in a row in a single game and enjoy guaranteed jackpots of $15 each. Bingo on each pattern the fastest to win 2 BBs. Bingo on the three-part set the fastest in two hours, and win 10 BBs!

Clue it Down!
Don’t mind the hunting trip after you bingo on this big box at 11 PM every night! If you want some more gifts, that is! It’s simple really…just follow the 3 clues the CM gives you to find your gift among the numbers.

Something like…I hate Valentine’s Day, and you’d know its No. 14 the CM is talking about. You can open your gift here, but if you’re willing to take the next clue, and guess it correctly, you could win a bigger gift! With the 3rd clue of course, your gift gets even bigger!

Numbers Game
A new hour, a new number! This means, the Chocolate Room will play a new number between 1 and 10 every hour. When you bingo on the pattern, you win a deposit bonus equal to the number you bingo on, plus the number that played!

For example, if the Number 9 is playing and you bingo on the number 50, your next deposit bonus will be 59% over and above the loyalty bonus entitled to you

Bingo Knights’ Parade
Lead the Bingo Knights by winning the most at Bingo all through December! Or making the most wagers on bingo! Between December 1 and December 31, we’ll add up all your bingo wins and your wagers by awarding points on each win as per the table below. And if you’re among the top 3 in either category, you win:

1st Prize – $300 cash + 300 BBs
2nd Prize – $200 cash + 200 BBs
3rd Prize  – $100 cash + 100 BBs

Star Galaxy
Your favorite 90 Ball Specials run right through the weekend! And there’s hundreds to win!

Bingo Barrel

Ho Ho Ho! WIN $75 every hour!

One very leaky barrel this! Dripping with $2,150 worth jackpots just about e-v-e-r-y  s-i-n-g-l-e  d-a-y! Hurray! Every Hour is a Christmas Hour! So there you are, with a chance to make $75 every hour on the Dec 25 pattern.

Diamonds for every Evening!
If you’re wishing for solid diamonds, start by just bingo-ing on the pattern every evening in the Highroller Room! With $100 on each game, you can save up to $300 every night! The Coverall arrives promptly at midnight. Every day in the Chocolate Room, with a $100 guaranteed jackpot!

Magic of Three
Bingo Knights have players Malory Glenn, Crystal Hynes and Robert Einberger to thank for this suggestion for 3 part games in the FOS Room! Sure you’ll enjoy them!

The road to $30 can be traveled with some help from a scooter, a car and yes, a bus too! Play these patterns on a single ticket at these hours every morning and evening!

Cheers to 10 BBs! The Wine Glass pattern will play the most frequently, all through the day, in every room! Clink your glass as often as you can!

A Question a Day
This one can get you 31 BBs in your account by the end of the month. And once again, you have player Robert Eichberger to thank for this wonderful idea! We’ll pop a question into the bingo rooms each day. And all you have to do is click on the answer you think is right!

At the end of the day, we’ll check out the majority answer. And if you’re on the list, you get a $1 worth BB free!

Rush to the North Pole!
Whoever gets to the North Pole first gets the bigger bag of BBs! Team up quickly into 2 groups before the start of the session and start racing. Each team scores by adding up the numbers each of the members bingoed on to reach a total of 90! For example, team A bingoes on 10, 25, 27, 18, 4 and 6 to reach 90.

Team to reach 90 first wins 100 BBs!
Runner-Up team wins 50 BBs!
The faster any team reaches 90, the more games you can play! That’s more sets of BBs!

I Defy!
Heed not Santa’s little elves (the CMs!) For that’s where your BBs lie! The CMs will play “Santa says…” but you’ve got to do just the opposite in order to win 2 BBs each. First 3 to respond will get the BBs.

Oracle Bingo
Guess to win… the  number that could bingo in the next game! Win BBs as follows:
6 BBs: If you hit the bull’s eye.
4 BBs: In case your hunch is within four numbers, before or after bingoed number.
2 BBs: If your prediction is in the correct letter row, Ex: B or N

Christmas Bingo Trivia
You ask, you win. You answer, you win again! We’ll play trivia differently, and allow you to throw a question to your roomies. You get 1 BB to ask a question, and another 1 BB to answer correctly! The CM will moderate the session, and ensure that each one present gets a fair chance to ask!

Keno on Sundays
Pick 6 numbers from 1 to 75 (1-90 in the Saphire Room) before the start of the session and hand them over to the CM. The CM will take 1st 10 calls to match your numbers and award the BBs as follows:

Number Matches & Wins
Match 1 of the selected numbers to win 2 BBs!
Match 2 of the selected numbers to win 4 BBs!
Match 3 of the selected numbers to win 8 BBs!
Match 4 of the selected numbers to win 16 BBs!
Match 5 of the selected numbers to win 32 BBs!
Match 6 of the selected numbers to win 64 BBs!


Online Casino Bar

Tourneys on each of your favorite Slots play back-to-back all through the month! Plus a $2,500-charged Aces High Bonus Slots Tourney to bring in extra cash! Follow this Tourney schedule to max your gains in December:
$2,500 Aces High Bonus Slots from December 10 to December 25

The prizes are aces-high too!
1st Prize: $1,500 Cash
2nd Prize: $600 Cash
3rd Prize: $400 Cash

$7,000 Slots Tournament
Play Slots Tournaments as per this schedule for cash rewards worth $7,000!

Triple Card Poker Tourney
3 Poker Tournaments are going to keep you busy and winning…cash prizes of up to $3,300!

Weekdays Slots
Weekdays tourneys play every Monday to Thursday, from December 6 to December 30!
Prizes for three highest winners (Win on a single pull):

1st Prize: $150 Cash + 300 BBs
2nd Prize: $100 Cash + 200 BBs
3rd Prize: $50 Cash + 100 BBs

Weekend Slots
Play over the weekend, Friday, December 3 to Sunday, December 26! And wager the most for three prizes:
1st Prize: $150 Cash + 350 BBs
2nd Prize: $100 Cash + 250 BBs
3rd Prize: $50 Cash + 150 BBs

Bingo Raffle Dazzle

$10,000 at the Weekly Raffles and $16,000 at the Daily Raffles! That’s the kind of cash lying at the Deposit Counter… so go pick it up! Take help from this schedule, and go get lucky!

Daily Cash Raffle
Deposits between $40 and $75 automatically enter the daily raffle draw!

Bingo Buddies!
Get your friends to Bingo this year! ‘Cos there’s lots in it for you too! Once your friends register, you get 25% of their deposits made over the next 90 days plus 50 BBs on their first deposit!

Bonus Bonanza
Every time you deposit, you’re powered with a free. 200% bonus* plus a 50% cash back**

If you’re at Loyalty Level-8 you get a 50% EXTRA bonus. At Loyalty Level-9 you deserve a 100% MORE than the regular! Fantastic, isn’t it! All deposits of $100 will get 50% EXTRA!

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