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Online bingo’s amazing popularity can be summed up in the incredible online bingo statistics regarding Chat Games. Online bingo sites have found a way to truly tap into the social media gaming experience. lists 59 Chat Games on their site, for example, and Chat Games are where the true social media experience, as opposed to Farmville type games, can be found.

Celebrities, a driving force behind the popularity of many social media games, have jumped onto the online bingo bandwagon. Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, Catherine zeta-Jones and Robbie Williams all play bingo online. Supposedly, President Bill Clinton and Barbara Streisand have been known to play a game of online bingo.

Other Surprising Online Bingo Statistics

Even though bingo remains incredibly popular in the UK, 85% of the online bingo industry’s revenue comes from U.S. players. 83% of players multi-task while playing bingo. 40% have been at the game for 5 years or longer. The online bingo statistics above bear out the fact that online bingo is a train that should continue to roll along at an incredible pace.

The popularity of the game figures to increase with both women and men. Because of the social aspects surrounding the game, the increase in the number of players and the available jackpots figure to go up tremendously in the coming years. Online bingo is here to stay. Get on the bandwagon and start playing the most social game on the Net!

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