Everybody wants to play bingo online and to do so in a safe and secure environment

November 25,2011
Everybody wants to play bingo online and to do so in a safe and secure environment

Most online bingo websites are are licensed and regulated by the gambling commissions of their home base country. Completely safe and secure.

So, before grabbing a seat at an online bingo hall, here are a few steps in due diligence to take to ensure that the chosen website is a legitimate one and not a scam.

Don’t be fooled by fancy graphics, banners and pop-ups: Today, manipulating flash technology is hardly an exclusive skill. Many have such know-how and especially scam artists. It is prudent therefore to look beyond frills to the substance of any website. What a reputable and legitimate Online Bingo website must have is information about its licensing and regulation by the gambling commission in the country from which it is based. This information can typically be found on the home page and will also include the name of the company that owns the website. If no license information is to be had, it is almost always a scam and should be avoided.

Don’t take licensing and regulation information for granted, dig deeper: Once you’ve established that the website advertises the fact that it is licensed and regulated, verify the veracity of this information by visiting the licensing authority. Make sure the license is valid and up-to-date. You’ll determine this fact if the website is listed by the licensing authority as an approved online bingo website. If this information is not available with the licensing authority, chances are you’ve come across a scam.

Transparency through payout reports: Good online bingo websites most always will provide payout reports somewhere on their site. A payout report reveals the overall payout percentage and the percentage for game categories as well. Legitimate bingo sites will make sure such an audit is performed by a second-party, an independent firm. This practice provides users much-needed transparency and goes towards ensuring that winners are determined by a random number generator and that no game-fixing or mismanagement is happening.

Software: The final step is to determine what sort of software is used. Legitimate online bingo halls will use big-name software, industry sanctioned software that offer fair games to the public. If such information is not readily available chances are the website is a scam.
Everybody wants to play bingo online and to do so in a safe and secure environment, but the onus is on every player to exercise due diligence before starting to play. Do this and you’ll certainly avoid the scams out there!