Tasty Bingo now has tourney teasers running every weekend

July 13,2011
Tasty Bingo now has tourney teasers running every weekend

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This bingo promotion was initially worth £95 but the prize money has now been bumped up to £155. All the bingo, instant games and even the mini games you play during the weekend will fetch you points on the tournament leaderboard. While you get your weekend enjoyment and entertainment you’ll be climbing higher on the leaderboard.

While the prize money in this promotion has been increased the wagering criteria for earning your points remains unchanged, which means you’ll now get bigger prizes at the same cost. For every £2 spent on bingo cards during the weekend you’ll get 1 point in this tourney and with every £3 wagered on instant games you’ll add 2 points to your score. Reach the top 11 positions on the leaderboard by the end of Sunday and you’ll be winning cash or joy points to give a perfect ending to the weekend.

The top prize in the tourney teasers is £55 cash; in the 2nd place you’ll get to win £30 and the 3rd prize gives £25. Players placed between the 4th to 11th positions on the leaderboard will get to win 5625jps each which will yield many more games in the following week. These lovely prizes could of course be extra toppings adding to all the prizes you’ll get to win in your weekend gaming at Tasty Bingo.

With special bingo promotions offered on every weekend at this bingo site, besides the Joy promos, grabbing points on the tourney teasers leaderboard will be a piece of cake. The Weekend Madness promotion with six fun-filled competitions running between Thursdays and Sundays also gives £40 more to be won now in cash and jps.

If you’re looking for big cash prizes to win in bingo games then fill up your wallets with £200 on cards costing 50p each in The Friday Feast game playing on every Friday night at 8.30pm. This 90-ball game gives £20 on 1 line, £30 on 2 lines and £150 on Full House. Then treat yourself to a Saturday Night Takeaway worth £50 with a bingo on the S pattern on a card costing merely 2p on Saturdays at 7pm. Remember, your wagers on cards for these games will also give extra points on the tourney teasers’ leaderboard.

You also get extra bonuses for playing your games in all the fabulous promotions with some special weekend deposit bonuses topping up your deposits of £10 to £100.

For players wagering on the instant game pick(s) of the weekend, there’s additional prizes in store – cash, bonuses or loyalty points. Also, the Dinner Date promotion now has an increased cash prize of £55 plus 100% bonus to be claimed on your next deposit during the following week. These goodies will go to the top instant game wagerer as well as the player with top wagers on bingo.