$5000 Maximum $15000 Online Bingo Game

August 06,2012
$5000 Maximum $15000 Online Bingo Game

Who’s gonna reach the top of the bingo game and win up to $15,000? Join Bingo Sky in the Tourney Room on Saturday August 18th for our New, Big Bingo Event. They will start off at 8PM ET with three $1,000 Guaranteed Games which will play as Top of the Hour, with cards sold at $2 each. Bingo Sky is then going to play a Big $5,000 Maximum $15,000 Game at 11PM ET, with cards sold at $5 each.

bingo sky 15k games

This game be having a Crazy Pattern and will start with a pot of $5,000. On the 44th call, it will increase by $625 on each call until it reaches $15,000. Don’t miss out!

August bank Holiday Weekend

Play in the Budget Bingo 90 Room from Saturday August 25th until Sunday August 26th and enjoy our Special August Holiday $10,000 Full House Minimum $100 Games. These will be played from 3PM – 9PM ET as Top of the Hour, with cards sold at only $0.35 each. Good Luck!

Bertha’s $150 Maximum $500 Games

Join Bertha, the bingo caller, on Sunday August 12th for a great evening packed with excitement and full of amazing bingo prizes. They will be playing several $150 Maximum $500 Games in our USA Bingo Room from 6PM – 11PM ET. These will be played as Top of the Hour, with cards sold at $1.50 each.

Civic Monday High or Low Bingo

Bingo Sky found a great excuse to kick off the month of August with some additional fun. On Monday August 6th, all players from Canada will be celebrating Civic Monday, however, for this year, they are inviting all bingo players from around the world to join in this massive celebration.

There are will be some exciting High/ Low $500/$250 Bingo Games from 6PM – 11PM ET in the Summer Bingo Room, as Top of the Hour. Card cost for these bingo games will be of $1.50 per card. Several special patterns will be used so make sure not to miss this wonderful event.