Another popular variety of bingo game is called 75-ball bingo. If the 90 ball bingo is a hit in the UK, 75 ball bingo is well-known in the United States, Canada, and other parts of Asia and Australia. For you to play a 75 ball bingo, you need to buy cards. Each card will be composed of 5 rows and 5 columns. The latter is labeled according to every letter of the word “bingo,” while the rows will be filled with numbers that correspond to the specific column. For example, for column B, the number would be from 1 to 15; I, 16 to 30; N, 31 to 45; G, 46 to 60; and O, 61 to 75. Usually, there would only be 24 numbers in the card since the middle card is labeled as free. Like other bingo games, your goal for playing 75 ball bingo game is to mark the numbers and create patterns out of them.

The Advantages of 75 Ball Bingo

Since 75 ball bingo is more recognized than 90 ball bingo, there are more players who know how to do the former. Moreover, almost all bingo websites have 75 ball bingo, while there could be some that won’t have 90 ball bingo.

75 ball bingo games are also very easy to play. As long as you can come up with the pattern required and be the first one to call out bingo, you are a sure winner of the game. You also don’t have to sit in front of your computer or in the social hall for a very long time, since every round of regular bingo game won’t last for more than an hour. In fact, you could win a game in just a matter of minutes. You would also find bingo games that offer high cash prizes, which further motivate you to play and win them.

You can also have a lot of chances of winning. You can have as many as 50 cards with you (though other bingo websites would limit the number to 2). There are also as many as thousands of patterns to create. There’s no need to be tied with the usual 3 patterns that you have to produce with 90 ball bingo. All in all, the variety and speed of the game make 75 ball bingo more exciting than 90 ball bingo.

The Downsides

There are just two possible downsides of 75 ball bingo. First, you cannot use the same card for the succeeding bingo games. This is unlike the 90 ball bingo game where the six strips are already good for 3 games. Hence, you may end up spending more on your bingo cards, if you’re definitely an avid player. Moreover, since you’re allowed to hold more than one card, you would be tempted to handle more to ensure your winning. Now, this could be real bad, as there’s a good chance that you can no longer keep up with the numbers called unless you have your Auto Daub on.

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