Any bingo deposits of $100 or more at Vics Bingo will get a 400% bonus!

June 22,2012
Any bingo deposits of $100 or more at Vics Bingo will get a 400% bonus!

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500% bonus
18+. T&Cs apply.

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Settle in everyone since we’re about ready to start this mid week bingo session. The Father’s Day festivities are almost over and it’s high time you fight hard for the last chance to walk away with a few more great bingo prizes.

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The best thing is Having Fun Together, so make the most of today since it’s the last day in which you can get the winning combination of your choice and cash in! Heart, Man or Top Hat? It’s your choice! To make sure you’ll welcome the weekend appropriately we have a little bingo bonus just ready to be given away. For every deposit of $100 or more Vics Bingo is ready to give you a full 300% bingo bonus and even a 30% cashback. Feeling a little under the weather? That’s ok, since deposits under $100 also get a 200% bingo bonus!

This Friday, June 22nd, for every deposit of less than $75 that you make, you will be gifted with a 200% bonus!
Deposits of $75 land you a cool $300 bonus!
Deposits of $100 bring you a bonus of $430!
Deposits of $200 get a $900 bonus!

On Monday, June 25th, any deposits of $100 or more will get a 400% bonus!
Any deposit of $99 or less will get a 222% bonus.
Receive $400 bonus for a deposit of $100 or more!

Sydney Art Metropolis – Chat Bingo Game

Join CM Smile on Monday, June 25th in Vics Bingo Quarter bingo room between 1AM and 3AM EST and take your seat in our VIC’S HALL, designed especially for your comfort! You need to wait for the first Letter out, and depending on what it was, you’ll have to make up words related to our subject (architecture, ballet, opera house, Sydney, Australia, theatre, concerts). Hopefully they’ll make sense, if not at least we’ll have fun! First roomies get 6 BBS.

Guggenheim Fascination – Chat Bingo Game

Join CM Whip on Wednesday, June 27th in Vics Bingo Dollar room between 5PM and 7PM EST for a tour of the museum. Pick a number and that will be the piece of art you want to visit. When your number is out it means you reached it and you can type “art + your number + star icon”. The first roomies to do so will win 10 BBs.