Get into the game with Vics Bingo Swoosh Surprise promo

August 22,2012
Get into the game with Vics Bingo Swoosh Surprise promo

Vic’s Bingo

500% bonus
18+. T&Cs apply.

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There’s no better day than Wednesday to start your bingo fortune on the right path! Got a few quaint little treats saved away for you, but now it’s up to you to find them!

vics bingo swooshing offer

Vics Bingo will welcome you with an offer that will surely shape your game – a 500% bonus for your first deposit of over $25. Embrace your welcome to the roomie pack with this delightful promo from us!

Have a knack at finding that Joker? Then get into the game with Vics Bingo Swoosh Surprise promo. Play the Joker Poker game on August 22nd and you might be amongst the 3 lucky roomies who get their number of winning spins back in bonus!

Get yourself on track for the Wright Celebrations, as the ones who are passionate about aviation and collect the most US Flags, Crazy Jet and Medal patterns set themselves up for an instant $75 bonus and an entry into the contest for the biggest fan of each pattern, with 600 in bingo bonus prizes.

What more to play for? Well how about the glimmers of the Cirque du Bingo – where each roomie can get to enjoy his spot in the limelight. Purchase your entry ticket and enjoy, along with a friend, a superb session of free Blackout coverall prizes ranging up to $3000 per game! Click Here

Care for a true player’s event? We’re on a hi-tech hunt this week and the Deep Sea Surprise Tournament is the way we’ll get it! Start your deep sea adventures by playing the Trolling for Treasure slot game from today, August 20th, until Sunday, Aug 26th and you too can get your hands on a special HP Notebook or an incredible HTC Smartphone. Save your spot in our winner’s diving bell!