Start your early morning race by getting the Bingo games going

July 10,2012
Start your early morning race by getting the Bingo games going

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Ah, the summer breeze – just the thing you need to make sure you have a cool head ready for a hot bingo game. We’re in the middle of a relaxing session of sun bathing and, since you’re the first on here, here’s a selection of our top picks.

vics bingo dollar room jackpot

Care for a cold pitch of lemonade? Then be sure to head to any of the bingo rooms and collect the Lemonade pattern between July 6th and July 11th – the one that wins the most patterns in each room will receive a great bingo bonus, from $100 in the Penny Room to $500 in the Dollar Room. As any great summer season deserves a easy way to cool off, so does each deposit deserve a icy bonus! And today we’re granting every roomie a 400% boost for every $100 deposited and a 222% bingo bonus for every sum of $99 or less. Refreshing, isn’t it?

But not as refreshing as cashing in on the Dollar Room Jackpot, which is well above $16,000! How would that sum look in your account balance?

Gone Camping! – Chat Game

Going away to the mountains at least for a weekend is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Grab the basic survival gear, a few board games and your thirst for roughing it in the woods and prepare for a great few days among friends. Join CM Kira on Thursday, July 12th in our Dollar room between 7 PM and 9 PM EST and pick the tent you’re gonna sleep in. You have 5 tents of 5 colors you can choose from: blue, red, white, green and yellow. Pick 2 colors and those will be the two options you have and the last color of the game will determine who will sleep inside the tent and who will sleep outside. The roomies to have chosen the colors of the last ball type “tent + your colors + star icon”. The first roomies* to call their tent will win 10 BBs.

Morning Vics Bingo Rally

Start your early morning race by getting the Bingo games going! Everyone’s all fired up and the clash of the early birds will end with a nice bonus for the top dog! Win the most Bingo games every day between 9 AM and 11 AM EST to win a bonus of $25! In the event of a tie all winners will receive $20!