Every week is a new challenge at Bingo Hall

June 18,2012
Every week is a new challenge at Bingo Hall

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Bingo Hall is unlocking Gilda’s Room for every roomie who wants to turn the tide on his bingo game, for 19 hours/day, from 6 AM to 1 AM EST.

The card cost will be $0.50 and your chances to enjoy payback time will end on June 25th, at 1 AM EST. Join the elite roomie squad that will raid Gilda’s prize vault and will walk away with the spoils. Top 5 players to win most Bingo Hall games in this special room, will receive these great prizes listed below, that will make Gilda as mad as a hatter!

bingo hall gilda house

  • 1st Place will earn you Gilda’s most prized possession, her Diamond Watch.
  • 2nd Prize winner will enjoy Gilda’s hi tech 3D Blu-ray DVD Player.
  • 3rd Prize will go to the kitchen raiding roomie, namely a 8-Speed Blender.
  • 4th Prize will give you Gilda’s Wallet, a true conquest in itself.
  • 5th Prize is something that will actually make your avenging statement, Gilda’s gorgeous Coffee Table.

But we all know Gilda is not one to leave home for too long, so she’ll surely drop by when you least expect it to try and stop you! So when you see her show up, be among the first 10 to say I Hate Gilda to send her back on her way and continue the ransacking. At the end of the week, she’ll make a list of 5 players who hate her most – and those roomies will receive $50 BBs each!

• There is no need to send any winning game numbers, as the counting down will be made automatically.
• In order to claim any of the prizes from Gilda’s Room you have to make a bingo deposit of $100 between June 18th and June 24th.
• For the $100 deposit you will also get $300 FREE (if the current day’s deposit bingo promotion is higher, the highest bonus will apply).
• The extra BBs will be credited on Monday, June 25th.