Bingo and Charity Where is the Connection

Published on May 30, 2013

There are plenty of possible reasons for the success of bingo. For one, it’s because people love anything simple, one that doesn’t have a lot of mechanics to study. It also doesn’t require you to have a lot of strategies to win the game. It is largely based on chance, which means it evens out the playing field. Most of all, bingo is one of the few bingo games that give you an opportunity to help out other people.

Bingo for Charity

Bingo and charity have a very pleasing relationship. As you know, most of the fund-raising events organized by various institutions will have bingo games. This is a good way of raising proceeds for their future activities and projects.

However, it didn’t really start out that way. A long time ago, most charitable organizations only knew of two ways of getting money: donation and sales. Donation seldom came by, especially during those times when the economy was in recession. It would also be aloof, if the organization itself is hardly known.

On the other hand, sales offered a more viable option. As long as the organizers were able to offer what their target market needs, they could definitely obtain even a small amount of money. Thus, their goods could range from food to home products.

Nevertheless, if one system works, you can expect the rest would follow suit. When one charitable organization decided to sell something and they were able to amass a huge amount, the others followed. It didn’t take long before almost all organizations are selling something, making the market saturated and therefore harder to sell. One then needed to look for another novel way of raising funds, and their attention went to online bingo.

The game has always been considered as a crowd drawer. No one could definitely resist the excitement of nearly winning a regular game or even shouting bingo at the top of their lungs. When bingo was held in social halls, people had the opportunity to socialize, allowing them to gain more friends or even business partners. People were willing to pay for bingo cards and be able to play the games. Organizations saw that and started coming up with bingo charities.

How to Play Bingo for Charities

The truth is that there is really no difference between playing bingo for money and for charity. The rules stay the same. Depending on the variant of bingo game, you play using cards for 75 ball or strips of paper for 90 ball. You have to follow certain patterns and mark your cards as the numbers are called. If you are able to produce the pattern required, you must be the first one to say “bingo” so you can get a prize. If not, you have to wait for another bingo round and hope that the same luck would be given to you.

The only thing that differs is how your fee is used. In regular games, the money would be utilized to cover for the administrative fee and the prizes to be given away. If you’re playing for charity, the fee would include proceeds that go to your chosen institution. Hence, prices for bingo cards are higher when you’re playing for charity, but then, you know that it’s for a good cause.

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