It’s October! It’s Halloween get it all at 123 Bingo

October 02,2013
It’s October! It’s Halloween get it all at 123 Bingo

123 Bingo

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Meet the ghastly ghostly guests on 123 Bingo and trap the maximum GHOSTS to win whopping rewards!

Bingo on the G-H-O-S-T Patterns and win minimum guaranteed prizes starting at $25 each. So, this Halloween when these ghastly ghostly guests pay you a visit, take out your ghost busting tools and trap them to win prizes!

123 bingo halloween


It’s October! It’s Halloween! And it’s time when for a change wickedness is appreciated and celebrated! So, get witchy and get rich in every witch way!

  • Bingo on the special Witch Hat Pattern and win guaranteed pots worth $75 each!
  • Bingo on the Witch Hat Pattern within 15 calls and Win 15 BBs
  • Bingo on the Witch Hat Pattern within 20 calls and Win 10 BBs
  • Bingo on the Witch Hat Pattern within 25 calls and Win 5 BBs


Frankenstein Knocks! Frankenstein Knocks! As the Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin yells, treat us or else… get tricked! Everyday, go tricking or treating in our Red Room with guaranteed $25 jackpots!

Winner of each Trick or Treat special Frankenstein pattern game wins 10 BBs too! You can either trick all the roomies by keeping the entire 10 BBs or treat one of your bingo buddies present in the room by sharing half of your BBs win.

The Frankenstein pattern will play 4 times a day i.e. once every 6 hours, everyday this month in the Red (Nickels) Room.


Make way for the COVERALL MADNESS game in the Green Room every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night at 9 PM and enjoy an hour of Blackout Bingo session. Coverall Madness: Bingo within the first 35 calls and win $1,000 CASH!

If no bingo is called within 35 calls, the first player to have the coverall will take home GUARANTEED $100 CASH prize.

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