Thanksgiving on the 123 Bingo Farm

There’s more to a harvest than a farm and an axe! Here’s a wholesome meal of fish, chicken and eggs too, served fresh with guaranteed $25, every day this November.

And, as if that weren’t enough, win all 5 Thanksgiving patterns in a single week to win an Extra 25 BBs!

bingo turkey

Time to cook the turkey!

Time to roast the turkey who wants the drumstick? Watch for the Drumstick pattern to play and win the guaranteed prize of $75 on each and have a little feast of fun! That’s enough to make anyone go crazy with guaranteed bingo jackpots every day!

Bingo on the Drumstick Pattern within 25 calls and Win 5 BBs
Bingo on the Drumstick Pattern within 20 calls and Win 10 BBs
Bingo on the Drumstick Pattern within 15 calls and Win 15 BBs

Note the game number of the Drumstick pattern you won and bring it to Live Help. Tell them you want the extra BB prize the Time To Cook The Turkey promotion and give them the game number. You’ll soon be several BBs richer!

Also, along with the guaranteed $75 cash prize you can also win a $1,000 JACKPOT! That’s right, just bingo on the Drumstick Pattern in 15 or less calls and take home $1,000 CASH!

Scarecrows in the corn field

Have you seen the scarecrows in the corn field? Well come scare away the crows and win some COLD HARD CASH! Play the SCARECROW pattern every day of every week and get your name into the CASH drawing!

Play in the Red Room to scare away the Crow’s with Guaranteed $25 Jackpot! This is a cash-only game.

Read 123 Bingo Review. Rooms: 75 Ball 90 Ball

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