New Daily Surprises at Bingo Mania in March

Login daily to discover a new giveaway special leading you to St. Patty Day . Skippy is at it again in March, giving you 17 daily surprises from special bargain games, extra big bonuses to colossal free bingo cash prizes games.


To participate, login everyday to your Bingo Mania and discover your daily gem surprise – you don’t want to miss any of the special surprises in March. With tempting prizes, extra large-prizes & hard cash, anything goes in the upcoming sizzling Naughty & Nice Bingo Room. Saturday to March 1st to Monday 17th.

$250 Rising Rainbow Games!

True to their name Rainbows rise and fall, but always leading you to a money pot! How do these games work? The games will always play on a rainbow pattern. They will start at $25 and every call they will increase by $25 (so $25, $50, $75…$250) until they reach the money pot of $250!

Be quick though. Those lucky leprechauns will come around and hide the money pot by $25 every call after it reaches $250 (so $250, $225, $200…$25). If the prize falls to $25 then the rainbow will rise again to $250 until the pesky leprechauns come around.

  • When:March 1-17th
  • Room:Green Cheer Bingo room from 12pm-12am EST
  • Pattern:Rainbow

Read Bingo Mania Review. Rooms: 75 Ball 90 Ball

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