Angry Bingo is mixing things up on this scary day with seven free bingo games, playing every few hours from 9am-12midnight! There’s a bloodthirsty £10,000 cash to be won altogether, each game paying out a different jeeper-creeper JP, split all kinds of ways for some topsy-turvy fun!

angry bingo 10k terror

Halloween’s a great day to be angry AND you can snarl, hiss, growl, snarl, howl, grunt, roar and moan as much as you like and no-one bats an eyelid! And as an extra special treat, this Halloween I’m bringing you a whole day of fiercely free games, with a sizzling total of £10,000 cash to be won! These garish games start at 9am and play every few hours right up to 12midnight! They’re all 90-ball games so you have a great chance of winning some of that brutish bounty!

9am£500 real cashFH £450
2LN £25

1LN £25

1TG share 25,000 Angry Points

2TG share 50,000 Angry Points

Midday£1,000 bonus cashFH £500
2LN £300

1LN £200

1TG share 50,000 Angry Points

2TG share 25,000 Angry Points

3pm£750 real cash (topsy turvy)FH £150
2LN £225

1LN £375

6pm£500 bonus cashFH £250
2LN £150

1LN £100

1TG share 100,000 Angry Points

2TG share 100,000 Angry Points

8pm£1,250 real cashFH £625
2LN £375

1LN £250

10pm£5,000 real cashFH £2500
2LN £1500

1LN £1000

Midnight£1,000 real cash (topsy turvy)FH £200
2LN £300

1LN £500

Read Angry Bingo Review Rooms: 75 90

Get up to £20 free in bonus cash!

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  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Paysafe
  • Ukash
  • Visa
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