Get Freaky for Friday the 13th at BingoHall

April 13,2018
Get Freaky for Friday the 13th at BingoHall

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Bingo Hall os getting our freak on between the 9th and 13th April with the Freaky Friday the 13thpromotion! Your luck could well be in as you collect the 1 and 3 patterns while playing in the Dollar, Supernova, Big Bang Theory and Fusion rooms, with a lucky prize on every 13thcall!

Top ten winners with the most patterns will get access to the Rebound Room that comes with an hour of €130 free bingo games on Friday, 13th between 10PM-11PM EST.

Let’s freak out this Friday 13th!

Australia Day Bingo Room is open again

Australia Day Room is back with a host of amazing games and prizes! There you’ll find such benefits as €2.600 coveralls, €260 fixed prize games, €1.260-€2.600 variable prize games, and the Waterfall pattern that comes with a €1.260 prize on every 10th call with 48 max cards at a price of €3 a card.

It’s open every day from 5AM to 7AM EST, so crack open a cold one and join us by the barbie!