Horizontal Bingo

There are many different ways to play bingo, all are entertaining and exercise your memory, maths skill and reflexes without you even noticing. In fact, one of the first uses of bingo was to teach children maths when it was introduced in Germany in the 17th and 18th century!

Fortunately bingo is now considered far more entertaining and worthwhile than being consigned to a maths lesson and is played by thousands of new players every week.

The basic premise of any bingo game is to make sure that you get as many numbers as possible. The more numbers you get, the better, and the faster you get them the better.

The object of the game is to complete a pattern before anyone else in the game completes the pattern. Finishing the pattern before everyone else gets you a share of the jackpot.

There are lots of different patterns to win, but the most common one is the horizontal line. To get this you need a line of numbers across your ticket – the amount of numbers depends on the game you are playing.

Winning with the horizontal line

Horizontal lines with 75 ball bingo are very simple to identify because they stretch across the ticket. The fact that they also line up with the columns that say BINGO give you an even bigger clue!

The small 80 ball ticket is also very easy to note the horizontal lines and numbers. However, if you are playing the 90 ball version you need to be much more attentive.

Winning a horizontal line in the 90 ball bingo means that any 5 numbers that form a line can win. Since you usually start with 6 tickets or more, you have to quickly be able to look over your tickets and mark the numbers as they come up on the call board.

Even though horizontal bingo tends to call out winners more quickly, it also happens so quick that some ticket holders cannot mark their tickets in time!

It’s a well known fact that players tend to miss the horizontal bingos more often that the vertical or diagonal ones. So if you are considering playing horizontal bingo, especially if you are playing the UK or Australian versions you need to keep your mind sharp, or at least keep the alcohol to a minimum.

There is an option when you play online to make the calls automatic, and you may find this is the best tactic to use if you buy a lot of tickets.
It is also possible to win a number of side bets in addition to the horizontal bingo.

Take a look at what your bingo hall is offering, because for a small side bet you can be a part of a much bigger jackpot.