Vertical Bingo

When you play bingo these days, you are not just limited to one type! There are different tickets, different numbers of balls, different speeds of playing, and many, many different ways to win!

This might sound complicated, but really bingo is a very simple game. Simply choose the type of game you want you play, buy your tickets and hope that your numbers match up!

The main objective of vertical bingo is to get a vertical line on your ticket. Of course, much of this counts on your luck, and selecting the right ticket before the game starts.

How vertical bingo is played

Vertical bingo tends to be quite a fast game compared to other combination games – usually the winner is called in less than 60 balls, and in a fast game this can take less than a minute.

If you are playing in a live bingo hall this can be a challenge to keep up with the call board, but fortunately online you have the option of your tickets being marked automatically so you do not miss out any numbers.

To win the game you need to get numbers that range from the bottom of your ticket to the top, or the top to the bottom. In the 75 ball game you can both win the hard way, missing out the centre square and the easy way which you can take the middle square as a wild card.

The 80 ball game requires less numbers to be matched and bingo is a lot quicker to complete.

Since getting bingo happens more quickly than in other combination bingo games you may find that if you win, that you have to share the winnings with someone else who won at the same time.

This can be quite frustrating, but there is always a chance to win the next time!

If you want a chance to win even more when you play vertical bingo, most bingo halls and websites offer a side bet which increases the amount you can win if you get bingo under a specified amount of balls.

Whatever game you end up playing, bingo is a game to be enjoyed, so try it for yourself today and you will not be disappointed.