Olympic Bingo Fever Online at Bingo Hall

The Olympic fever has kick started this Friday’s festivities at Bingo Hall and we’re all taking our seats and preparing to enjoy the festivities. Take your pick out of all the contests and race to the finish line and we’ll grant you the shiny medal you deserve.

The sports fever has taken over us roomies, since The Olympics are in full swing and we’re determined to use it to your advantage – see what delightful offers this year’s edition of the Olympic Games has in store for you at Bingo Hall!

bingo hall olympics

There’s unity in bingo as it is in sports, but when the level rises to the Olympic level, the bingo games must step it up a notch. That’s why we’re featuring one coverall per hour on August 1st in the Quarter room – try to win as many as you can since the top 3 players in the event will gain a share of the $800 prizes. Also, try to make a difference with your Quarter games this week, since the SPORT patterns will be playing between 6 PM to 7 PM EST and the more you collect, the more bingo bonus you’ll enjoy!

Pack your Mondays up with all the cheers and optimism you can find, since we’ll do the same with all your deposits. Any of $100 or more will bring a smile on your face and a 400% deposit boost, with bingo deposits less than $100 having a 222% boost as well. A smile always does wonders for the Bingo mood, but the bingo jackpot is what really makes a happy day. The is boasting a superb $18,300 jackpot – win it and see your whole mood change along with that special game!

Bingo Slots – collect the slots pattern by calling bingo

The one week long Bingo slots event starts today and you simply must be a part of it – collect the slots pattern by calling bingo on the selected balls for $100, complete 2 lines for a $50 bonus or get the full number set and a superb $200 bonus will be yours!

Get more bang for your bucks with a game tilting bonus offer – this Monday, for every $100 or more deposited we’ll grant you a 400% boost and for all deposits under $100 you’ll still receive an offer meant to please – a 250% bonus! Ready to enjoy your Head Start in bingo this week? Win as many games as you can until August 1st and send them in no later than August 2nd, since the ones with the most points will have a sweet sweet bonus coming his way. How much of the $3,100 can you claim?

Head Start
Be the first ahead of the crowds after the starting whistle goes off, since every game won in any room will grant you points for your ranking, and the first 6 that make it to the finish line will earn a cut of the 3,100 s.

Tennis Fever
Got a best bingo buddy and a knack for tennis? Then get a team together and start passing the bingo balls around. Sign up until July 29th and take the game to the highest level, since the gold medalists in the event will enjoy a total of 300 and 50 for your friend’s winnings.

Rooting for?
What are your expectations about this year’s Olympics? If you’re not sure about the outcome or who should be this year’s winner, then collect 5 Question Mark Patterns in our Fair&Square room and we’ll give you’re the answer to the questions with a of your choice – an instant 70 or an entrance into the 500 .

Favorite Trial
Everyone’s got a favorite in the games, but the true treasure belongs to those who have perseverance in their endeavour. Play the Trolling for Treasure like a champ and the highest pot in a single spin gets a kingly – 500 CASH.