Bingo Patterns

There are certain bingo patterns given in any bingo game. Some of the bingo patterns are complex and slow. It is safe to say that many of them will remain popular only in areas where they have developed.

But just because they look hard doesn’t mean you should not give some of them a try. You and your friends might be surprised at the vitality bingo patterns can add to a game which has been following the same old procedure week after week, year after year.

There are more than 120 bingo patters, here are some of them.

Pattern Bingo

There are more versions available to play than ever before with the 75, 80 and 90 ball versions playable for anyone going online. So what is the reason for the popularity – certainly one of them is that every game of bingo is a new experience – no two games are the same, and there are constantly new ways to win.

Instead of just one way of winning, bingo halls have come up with new pattern bingos which give you so many more interesting ways to play.

Horizontal and vertical bingo

The easiest way to play is marking off horizontal or vertical lines on bingo. It is the traditional way bingo cards are scored, but oddly enough, it is the version where most people make mistakes.

Of course, this does not apply when you play online since you can have your cards marked automatically, but if you are playing in a bingo hall, people do miss out on bingos!

This is especially the case when there are a lot of tickets involved. Horizontal and vertical line patterns are as easy as they sound – simply line up the numbers to span across the ticket. On the 90 ball version you need a line of 5 numbers to win.

These games are the fastest bingo games with the fewest balls called until a ticket wins.

Winning with the horizontal line

Horizontal lines with 75 ball bingo are very simple to identify because they stretch across the ticket. The fact that they also line up with the columns that say BINGO give you an even bigger clue!

The small 80 ball ticket is also very easy to note the horizontal lines and numbers. However, if you are playing the 90 ball version you need to be much more attentive.

Winning a horizontal line in the 90 ball bingo means that any 5 numbers that form a line can win. Since you usually start with 6 tickets or more, you have to quickly be able to look over your tickets and mark the numbers as they come up on the call board.

Even though horizontal bingo tends to call out winners more quickly, it also happens so quick that some ticket holders cannot mark their tickets in time!

It’s a well known fact that players tend to miss the horizontal bingos more often that the vertical or diagonal ones. So if you are considering playing horizontal bingo, especially if you are playing the UK or Australian versions you need to keep your mind sharp, or at least keep the alcohol to a minimum.

There is an option when you play online to make the calls automatic, and you may find this is the best tactic to use if you buy a lot of tickets.
It is also possible to win a number of side bets in addition to the horizontal bingo.

Take a look at what your bingo hall is offering, because for a small side bet you can be a part of a much bigger jackpot.

How vertical bingo is played

Vertical bingo tends to be quite a fast game compared to other combination games – usually the winner is called in less than 60 balls, and in a fast game this can take less than a minute.

If you are playing in a live bingo hall this can be a challenge to keep up with the call board, but fortunately online you have the option of your tickets being marked automatically so you do not miss out any numbers.

To win the game you need to get numbers that range from the bottom of your ticket to the top, or the top to the bottom. In the 75 ball game you can both win the hard way, missing out the centre square and the easy way which you can take the middle square as a wild card.

The 80 ball game requires less numbers to be matched and bingo is a lot quicker to complete. Since getting bingo happens more quickly than in other combination bingo games you may find that if you win, that you have to share the winnings with someone else who won at the same time.

This can be quite frustrating, but there is always a chance to win the next time! If you want a chance to win even more when you play vertical bingo, most bingo halls and websites offer a side bet which increases the amount you can win if you get bingo under a specified amount of balls.

Whatever game you end up playing, bingo is a game to be enjoyed, so try it for yourself today and you will not be disappointed.

Less common patterns

These patterns are the next most common. You can get a diagonal running from left to right, or right to left. Having both the patterns wins you the Big X. Obviously these two patterns can only be won in the 75 ball and 80 ball bingo versions.

You can get a blackout or a full house if you play any of the bingo games – this involves marking off every single number on your ticket.

This usually happens after 60 or so numbers are called and tends to be the slowest pattern game. Other patterns such as the cornered pattern for 80 ball bingo and centre squared, also for 80 ball bingo are very fast patterns to be called.

If you want a long game, go for a full house game on a 90 ball game. If you want quick action, then an 80 ball pattern game would suit you better. There are other patterns including a four pack, six pack and practically any pattern you can dream of!

Whatever game you end up playing, you can only win if you take part. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win – and there are regular winners.

The biggest winner has won over a million pounds in a single game, so there is life changing amounts of cash to be won!