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Bingo Reviews - if you are looking to play online bingo games then this is the perfect place for it, here we provide detailed reviews on the top bingo online rooms. Here you will find the highest value for your money. We played in all of the bingo rooms and we brought to you only the ones that we enjoyed playing.

f you are looking to play online bingo games then this is the perfect place for it, here we provide detailed reviews on the top free online bingo rooms. Here you will find the highest value for your money. We played in all of the new bingo rooms and we brought to you only the ones that we enjoyed playing.

Ball Bingo is a website aimed at letting bingo lovers everywhere unite under one roof! Everyone has their favourite online bingo site that they like to play in which means that they are restricted to the community in which they play.

Ball Bingo was created to allow everyone that enjoys bingo discuss and review bingo sites and products no matter where they play, either on or offline.

It's a great chance to make new friends, have friendly arguments and generally have a good time. Look out for some great new bingo offerings in the coming months.

As a sneak preview, we'll let you into one or two of the offerings you'll see in the coming months.

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At Ball Bingo you will only find the leading online bingo games around the world, we try every bingo room that would like to be at our site, and then we decide if this no deposit bingo site is worth adding.

We first examine is offer, the size of the free bingo money and the welcome bonus, bingo software design, the amount of bingo rooms, the variety of deposit and withdrawal options, and the side games and online slots.

We aim to give you the information you need about how and where to claim the latest free bingo, special offers, deals and promotions from the vast array of bingo websites.

Free bingo games, offers and deals come and go. We aim to provide you with the latest, so you can choose any deal you wish.

Using a Free Bingo deal is a great way to try out an online bingo website, without having to splash out too much cash. You can play free bingo on your chosen site, visit the chat rooms, and generally see if you enjoy the experience.

Some promotions are totally free, which we will refer to as free bingo no deposit offerings, and some are applied once you have made an initial deposit to your account.

See individual program terms and conditions for details.

Online bingo is great fun, and the prize winning potential is tremendous, play your complimentary game credit today, and you could be in the money!

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Bingo Review - play bingo with the rest of the world

If you’ve never played bingo before, then you might have some questions. In this section you can find the most common questions and their answers.

  1. How do I collect my winnings?
    Every time you win a game, the prize is deposited directly into your account.
    For games where, there’s more than one winner, the jackpot is shared. To get the money you just have to request to the bingo site, and they will send it.
  2. How much can you win playing online bingo?
    Lots of people win thousands of dollars every day. A jackpot can reach up to $50,000.
  3. How much do I have to pay for the cards? Can I play for free?
    The cards’ cost swept very often, but usually you found cards for 25 cents, one dollar or more. However, there are some sites where you can play for free.
  4. What do I have to do if I want to make a deposit?
    Regularly the first thing is to have an available credit card, and then you can create your account. Although, some sites use other method, such as PayPal, FirePay or Neteller.
  5. Is it reliable to give my credit card number to a bingo online?
    The most serious Bingo Sites had secure servers. Those sites have VeriSign’s approval, which means that the information is encrypted and protected against hackers.
  6. Who can participate?
    If you have over 18 years old, there wouldn’t be any kind of problem. You just have to give your correct contact details, because if you don’t you might have troubles to get your prizes.
  7. Does online bingos have a minimum or maximum deposit?
    Most of the online bingo sites have a minimum of $20 or $25 deposit, and a maximum that usually is around $500.
  8. How can I know that the game hasn’t been arranged?
    Every online bingo site, certified by VeriSign, has independently been audited to confirm that the game is fair.
  9. What happens if I get disconnected while I’m playing?
    These kinds of problems are covered. We know that your connection to the Internet can go down.
    So online bingo sites, track every play details. Some of them would keep the play on, and if you have a winning card they’d give you the correspondent winnings. Others, would remove you of the game, and give your money back.
  10. Can I chat with other players?
    Yes, 95 % of bingo sites have internal chat.
  11. Can I get money for referring friends?
    Yes. If you refer friends most of the online bingo sites will give you a bonus.
  12. Can I play bingo and slots at the same time?
    Some sites will let you play slots and bingo at the same time.
  13. Do I need to download any software to play?
    That would depend on the site where you’re playing. In some cases, the games just appear on your screen, but in others you need to download something.
  14. Is there always a winner?
    It always going to be a winner, the more cards you buy, the more probability of winning.
  15. Can I keep my winnings in my account?
    Yes, that is the most common thing to do. Event though, you can withdraw the money whenever you want.
  16. How long does a game last?
    There are between 6 and 12 games per hour.
  17. Do I have to give my real name?
    When you provide your details you must give your correct name and address, but in the game you can use a nickname.