Mardi Grass Bingo Party with fantastic cash prizes to be won

Mardi Grass Bingo Party with fantastic cash prizes to be won

February 11,2018

Go wild with Mardi Gras bingo excitement as we party into the night playing for unlimited juicy cash pots! Mardi Gras Bingo party will have you going wild with excitement on Tuesday February 13th as we […]

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Vics Bingo

We have created this web site for real players and for visitors interesting in playing online bingo. Real players can find great online bingo to play at. Other players can play for fun at all no deposit bingo bonuses. If you love playing check this section new online bingo. Here you will find the top bingo halls rated and reviewed accommodated with details regarding their sign up bonus their no deposit bonus their free bonus, their new bingo promotions and news.

Our site helps visitors to find the best online bingo halls. If you are new to bingo, you have come to right place. Our pages will offer you the opportunity best understand the various ins and outs of bingo games and will additionally help the player decide where it is best for him to play bingo based on where he lives and which method of deposit he wishes to use. We hope you make your home for online bingo.

We list news and updated regarding the most respected and secure bingo halls which have proved over time to be offering both quality games in an overall respected environment which will ensure that you make the very most of your experience playing online. As a secure and trusted bingo portal we would like to ensure that our players play bingo online with the top quality new bingo sites. Our in depth reviews section should be able to give players a clear understanding and a clear outlook of what is offered across the array of bingo software operators available as of today across the web.

Players have the chance to browse through in depth, explanations of all major bingo terms which will make sure that the online bingo experience is sealed to be of high quality and a transition from land based bingo is flawless in all terms.

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Bingo Spirit$25 freeREAD MORE
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Top UK Bingo Bonuses

Mecca Bingo200% bonusREAD MORE
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At BallBingo you will find the entire information you need to make a knowledgeable decision on where to play. Here we try to help you to find excellent online bingo and the best bingo games from our top online bingo reviews.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Top bingo bonuses from Online Bingo – see all the latest results from our online bingo bonus section. Take a look at what some of the top online bingo sites have to offer in the way of promotions and bonuses. Bingo Bonuses including free bingo bonuses free bingo cards with no deposit required.

At Online BallBingo you can find the best Online Bingo offers, free articles about bingo, keno, gambling and online bingo reviews. Online Bingo is dedicated to providing you with the best bingo bonuses information available today. We are so confident that you will find us to be an indispensable source for online bingo news, that we recommend you to bookmark our site.

Bingo Bonuses – enter a deposit and re-deposit values and calculate your bingo bonus amount. Bingo Bonuses calculator will calculate the amount of free bingo bonus return from a deposit of a certain size. Type values in the fields and then choose the “calculate” button – you will see the updated table and the bingo bonuses you can get from the values typed in the field.

Reload Bonuses

A chat bonus is the free credit or free bonus percentage which is awarded to players for their participation on bingo chat games by the Chat Master (CM) of an ongoing bingo game. Each online bingo operator maintains a chat room in the actual window of the bingo games itself which is used to enhance players to exchange comments, jokes and experiences and it has proved to be an excellent way for players to get closer, team up and have fun. In any bingo chat hall you will notice that one particular individual is marked with a crown, a star, or an emblem showing that he/she is the chat leader. The role of a CM is to answer questions, help players with queries and keep the chat going in a respectful manner. Bingo Cm’s run trivia games parallel to the flow of the bingo games to maintain liveliness and enhance players to earn bonus bucks or bonus points. As you can fairly understand there might be over 200 players on a particular bingo game and the CM will have to cater to the questions of all players at the same time; becoming an active member of the chat games and helping out fellow players will in reality make the task of the CM much easier, which in exchange will be paid off by a so called chat bonus.

Bingo Bonus Codes

Bonus Codes are alphanumerical codes or codes embedded in referral links which are given from online bingo halls to online bingo directories or online bingo advertisers to promote a particular brand with a higher bonus than usual. Players signing up through a bonus code will receive a higher bonus than they would usual as online bingo directories or online bingo portals have the benefit of negotiating better bonus deals for their players. Use any of the exclusive bonus codes posted here to ensure a boosted sign up bonus at any of the listed online bingo sites.

Sign up Bingo Bonuses

A sign up bonus is the percentage or fixed amount of bonus money which an online bingo player will receive upon registration and deposit to any online bingo hall. This can be based on the amount of his first deposit in percentage equivalent or it can be a fixed amount of free money as a gesture of generosity from the operator for the player’s choice.

Sign up bonuses are often accompanied by the note* Terms and Conditions Apply, at some bingo operators which in reality corresponds to the wagering requirements that accompany a bonus offering. (=Wagering Requirement: The amount of money that has to be played before a player has the right to withdraw fund from his bingo account). Not all online bingo halls have wagering requirements but it is advisable to take the time to look through the terms and conditions before making your first deposit.

First of all a player should consider the amount of the initial bonus given by the bingo hall; this is no case does not mean that the bigger the better. The majority of online bingo rooms offer boosted sign-up bonuses, but the amounts in most situations differ; the differentiation can be based on a number of factors. Some rooms offer more than 500% in sign-up bonuses while others offer only 50%. Players should take a deep look in to what comes together with the bonus package and not the actual amount only. Some bingo halls offer loyalty programs, constant jackpots or even returning players reload bonuses which in many cases come to an equilibrium or even exceed the amount of bonus given by other rooms.

Referral Bingo Bonuses

A referral bonus is the bonus amount which a player will receive from the online bingo site he plays at as a gesture of generosity for referring a new friend to the game. It can be considered as a bonus to pay off your efforts in spreading the word. Referral bonuses vary from site to site and they can often reach up to $50 or £ 50. Note that to qualify for a referral bonus the referred party will have to successfully sign up an account.

A reload bonus which can be often seen advertised on online bingo sites is the percentage of bonus you will receive for each following deposit you make with the online bingo hall itself. Usually reload bonuses vary from 100% all the way up to 500% in many cases and in some situations depend on the means you use to make your deposit e.g Visa, Neteller, Moneybookers, EwalletXpress. Note that the first time is usually slightly boosted and it gradually goes down at most online bingo sites.

No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

A no deposit bingo bonus is the free bonus which a player can claim after he has signed up an account with an online bingo hall. (Note* not all sites offer free bingo bonus). This free bonus is a credit to your account to test trial the games before you decide to make a real deposit. In there majority online bingo halls have a restriction that this no deposit bingo bonus can only be used for trial of the games and therefore a win that might evolve from the playing with this particular credit is not viable to be cashed out. No deposit bingo bonuses vary from $10/ £10 to a maximum of $30/£30 depending on the operator.

Live Bingo Rooms and Jackpots

wink Bingo

Deposit £10, Play with £47, Enjoy the unexpected.

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
High 524 Hours70.0590 ball1,176.256.99
A Pretty Penny7am - 11pm250.0475 ball111.8810.96
Free £250 Daily GemsDaily from 19:30 - 23:302160.0075 ball12.4950.00
£2,500 Power Gem27th of month1260.7590 ball257.042100.00
Lotsa Loot31st March @9pm3260.1090 ball257.042200.00
The High Life7 to 11 PM1050.0590 ball0.0037.92
Have a Balldaily 4PM-12AM430.1075 ball4,931.2015.22
Big DealDaily @6pm-12am80.100 ball12.495.57
The Bees KneesAll Day60.1090 ball257.044.24
Get It 24/7All Day40.1075 ball12.491.95
Open All HoursAll Day200.1075 ball58.3410.22
Daily Joy GemDaily @ 10pm320.5090 ball257.04300.00
Sparkling GemFriday @ 9pm20.5090 ball257.040.00
Evening All!.50.1090 ball257.044.95
Piece of Cake.10.0575 ball268.030.98
Me Time.80.0575 ball12.4911.20
Picture Perfect.490.0590 ball257.0427.16
Happy Daily Returns.50.0175 ball12.4950.00
Sweet Dreams.150.0575 ball58.34250.00
888 Bingo

Deposit £10 play with £60

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
£888 FREE Newbie Bingo.380.0075 ball4,931.202.00
Morning Quickie7am - 9am50.0175 ball875.062.40
Pocket Change5pm - Midnight90.0590 ball765.347.55
Fit and Flare3pm - 11pm190.0590 ball765.349.48
Wednesday £888!Wed @ 10pm90.2575 ball875.06888.00
Wednesday £888!Wed @ 10pm90.2575 ball4,284.41888.00
Lucky 53:30pm - 11pm150.0575 ball875.069.25
Lucky 53:30pm - 11pm150.0575 ball4,284.419.25
The Loyals 6m +4 Daily Games1400.0075 ball875.0610.00
The Loyals 2y +4 Daily Games1150.0075 ball875.0620.00
The Loyals DailyDaily @ 9:30 pm330.0590 ball765.34115.00
£250 Free Daily GemsDaily @ 19:30 - 23:302160.0075 ball12.4950.00
£2,500 Power Gem27th of every month1260.7590 ball257.042100.00
Studio 757PM -12AM10.5075 ball875.06500.00
Daily Joy GemDaily @ 10pm320.5090 ball257.04300.00
Monthly £3,00031st March @9pm3260.1090 ball257.042200.00
Sparkling GemFriday @ 9pm20.5090 ball257.040.00
Sweet Stack Up7PM to 11PM1050.0590 ball0.0037.92
The Daily Unwinddaily 4PM-12AM430.1075 ball4,931.2015.22
posh Bingo

Deposit £10 play with £35

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
£200 Appy DayzDaily @ 8:30pm30.2075 ball50.00200.00
The Spa7am to 1am490.0590 ball257.0427.16
Easy Dosh.150.0390 ball257.047.67
Chatterbox.70.0575 ball251.737.55
tasty Bingo

Deposit £10 play with £60

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
£30 for a pizzaThurs @ 6pm20.0175 ball321.2530.00
Hot ChocolateOpens @ 2pm-1am10.1075 ball321.25500.00
2 For 1 MealDaily @ 1-11pm20.2590 ball2,629.0515.00
Tangy TomatoAll day40.1075 ball12.491.95
Sweet MelonAll day200.1075 ball58.3410.22
Top of the ShopAll day60.1090 ball257.044.24
Daily Joy GemDaily @ 10pm320.5090 ball257.04300.00
Sparkling GemFriday @ 9pm20.5090 ball257.040.00
£250 Free Daily GemsDaily from 19:30 - 23:302160.0075 ball12.4950.00
£2,500 Power Gem27th of month1260.7590 ball257.042100.00
Pick n’ Mix07am - 01am490.0590 ball257.0427.16
Zesty Lemon7am - 12pm80.0575 ball12.4911.20
Sweet Stack Up7 to 11 PM1050.0590 ball0.0037.92
The Daily Unwinddaily 4PM-12AM430.1075 ball4,931.2015.22
Flash FivesDaily @6pm-12am80.100 ball12.495.57
Cheers.70.0590 ball2,629.0510.00
Strawberries & Cream.150.0390 ball257.047.67
£50 After Eight.50.0175 ball12.4950.00
Daily Dessert.150.0575 ball58.34250.00
redbus Bingo

Deposit £10 play with £35

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
Coach & HorsesAll day40.1075 ball12.491.95
Local PubAll day200.1075 ball58.3410.22
CashcuttersAll day60.1090 ball257.044.24
Daily Joy GemDaily @ 10pm320.5090 ball257.04300.00
Sparkling GemFriday @ 9pm20.5090 ball257.040.00
£250 Free Daily GemsDaily from 19:30 - 23:302160.0075 ball12.4950.00
£2,500 Power Gem27th of every month1260.7590 ball257.042100.00
Sweet Shop7am - 10pm80.0575 ball12.4911.20
Sweet Stack Up7 to 11 PM1050.0590 ball0.0037.92
The Daily Unwinddaily 4PM-12AM430.1075 ball4,931.2015.22
Penny Lane07am to 01am490.0590 ball257.0427.16
Flash FivesDaily @6pm-12am80.100 ball12.495.57
Coin Street.150.0390 ball257.047.67
£50 for 1p.50.0175 ball12.4950.00
Daily Ticket.150.0575 ball58.34250.00
Bingo Deal.230.050 ball0.0022.51
Chocs Away.50.050 ball19.393.14
New Passengers.380.0075 ball4,931.202.00
Free 10 Min Stop.3420.0090 ball0.002.00
sing Bingo

Deposit £10 play with £35

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
Karaoke Nights24 Hours90.1090 ball345.753.26
Make Your Debut24 Hours360.0090 ball345.7515.00
The Red Eye24 hours350.0190 ball345.7550.00
The Warm Up24 hours100.0190 ball345.7550.00
The Final Curtain24 hours20.0190 ball345.7550.00
Disco Grooves24 hours390.1090 ball345.75100.00
UNCHAIN MY HEART24 hours50.1090 ball345.750.00
The Big Break24 hours2130.1075 ball170.641000.00
Funky Free24 hours3020.0075 ball170.641.00
Footloose "n" Free24 hours3670.0090 ball345.752.00
I Want to Break Free!24 hours3950.0090 ball345.755.00
The Reload Tour24 hours5950.0090 ball345.7550.00
VIP Sing Legend24 Hours6170.0090 ball345.75500.00
Stayin' Alive8am - 1am240.0590 ball345.7511.46
Rock 'n' Bingo10am - Midnight500.0590 ball345.7515.78
The Rehearsal24 Hours540.1090 ball345.750.00
VIP Lead Singer24 Hours6460.0090 ball345.7515.00
Bingo Vegas Quickfire24 hours230.050 ball0.0022.51
Take 5Opens @ 3pm190.1075 ball6,063.3515.97
city Bingo

Deposit £10 play with £35

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
OLD City Tour Bus24 Hour1090 ball131.870.24
90 Ball 5p 24hrGame Closed00.0590 ball131.870.00
Old Free Mail24 Hours00.0175 ball216.140.00
Old Free Times8am to Midnight00.0190 ball131.870.00
OLD The Free Herald9am to Midnight34090 ball131.871.58
OLD Windfall LaneGame Closed00.1090 ball131.870.00
OLD Dinner Date24 Hour2090 ball131.870.34
OLD The Skyscraper24 Hour1090 ball131.870.40
OLD Winners Highway24 Hour3090 ball131.871.18
OLD City Wheel24 Hours0090 ball131.870.00
OLD Golden Statue24 Hours8090 ball131.873.31
Special Game WK124hours0090 ball131.870.00
Special Game WK224hour0090 ball131.870.00
Special Game WK324hours0090 ball131.870.00
Special Game WK424hours0090 ball131.870.00
Mobile Moolah24 hours0090 ball216.1425.00
fancy Bingo

get a 300% Welcome Bonus

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
HANDBAG HEARTTHROB24 Hours50.1090 ball345.750.00
Bingo Vegas Quickfire24 hours230.050 ball0.0022.51
Fancy Free11am to Midnight5950.0090 ball345.7550.00
Fun, Free & Fancy09:00 - 00:003950.0090 ball345.755.00
Two Fat Ladies JPAll Day350.0190 ball345.7550.00
Two Dozens JPAll Day100.0190 ball345.7550.00
Two Little DucksAll Day20.0190 ball345.7550.00
Legs ElevenAll Day40.0190 ball345.7550.00
VIP PlatinumAll Day6170.0090 ball345.75500.00
Bronze VIP24 Hours3830.0090 ball345.7510.00
VIP Silver24 Hours6460.0090 ball345.7515.00
Welcome to Wonderland24 Hours360.0090 ball345.7515.00
Hatter's Free Party24 Hours3020.0075 ball170.641.00
Free For All24 Hours3670.0090 ball345.752.00
Jump & Jive 5p24 Hours380.0575 ball170.6450.00
Daily Plants of Love24 Hours1050.0590 ball0.0037.92
Voucher Only Room24 hours360.0075 ball170.64125.00
The Garden Gate24 Hours430.1075 ball4,931.2015.22
VIP GOLD NEWAll Day4530.0090 ball345.7520.00
moon Bingo

Deposit £10 play with £60

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
Beginner's Luck24/70090 ball1,708.230.00
Moonalicious OLD24/70075 ball2,805.5150.00
Mighty Ninety24/70090 ball1,708.230.00
Feel Free9am-8pm00.0090 ball1,708.2310.00
Oh Behave24/70090 ball1,708.2350.00
Self Made Millionaire - old9pm0075 ball1,708.230.00
Lucky Star10am-4pm0090 ball1,708.2325.00
Milky Way OLD24/70090 ball1,708.2350.00
Saturday Fever - old9.30pm4090 ball1,708.238.57
Penny Party OLD24/70090 ball1,708.2350.00
Sweet Wins OLD24/70090 ball1,708.230.00
Treasure Trove - old9pm6090 ball1,708.237.51
Cash Stash - old9pm7075 ball2,805.5115.08
Seeing Double -old9pm3075 ball2,805.511.00
PayDay Bingo - old10pm6075 ball2,805.5111.73
Share the Wealth - old9pm0090 ball1,708.230.00
New Year Jackpot - oldclose0075 ball2,805.510.00
Gimme More - old24/70075 ball408.180.00
In For A Penny - OLD9pm504090 ball1,708.23400.00
gossip Bingo

play with free £60 + 10 spins

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
The Rehab OLD24/730090 ball50.0040.00
Talk is Cheap8am-8pm0090 ball50.000.00
Bingo X Multiplier Old24/70075 ball598.840.00
Win FREE Cards to The Big 524/70090 ball50.000.00
Access All Areas OLD24Hrs0090 ball50.000.00
Backstage Bingo OLD24/714090 ball50.0075.00
Penny Sunday OLD24/70075 ball598.840.00
Makeover Monday OLD8.30pm0090 ball50.000.00
Tinseltown Tuesday OLD8.30pm1090 ball50.000.44
Wannabee Wednesday OLD8.30pm4090 ball50.008.31
Soapstar Saturday OLD8.30pm4090 ball50.0011.26
Penny Sunday24/700.0175 ball8,469.08400.00
Kiss N' Tell Thursday OLD8.30pm3090 ball50.003.76
Whats In The Chatterbox8pm0075 ball598.84200.00
Makeover Monday24/700.1090 ball2,382.97300.00
Share The Love OLD24/70075 ball598.840.00
Win FREE Cards to Bingo X Multiplier24/70090 ball50.000.00
The Sauna OLD24/70075 ball50.000.00
Finally Its Friday OLD8.30pm0090 ball50.000.00
costa Bingo

Get a 300% deposit Bonus

Room NameOpen TimesPlayersCard ValueRoom TypeProgressive JackpotJackpot
Costa RaysOpens @ 3pm!110.0575 ball124.135.58
Costa WavesOpens @ 9am!210.0590 ball108.7010.92
Costa KissOpens Midday!230.0590 ball108.7014.00
First Time Freebie24 Hours360.0090 ball345.7515.00
The 1 Mill Thrill24 Hours540.1090 ball345.750.00
Thursday Big Shop24 Hours220.1090 ball345.750.00
Free Spin Frenzy24 Hours930.0575 ball6,063.350.00
10p SUNNY GOLDMINE24 hours390.1090 ball345.75100.00
Costa Fiesta24 Hours2130.1075 ball170.641000.00
5p Sunny Goldmine24 hours380.0575 ball170.6450.00
Take Five!Opens @ 3pm190.1075 ball6,063.3515.97
Sunshine Lucky Dip24 hours80.0575 ball170.6475.00
EAT SLEEP LOVE24 hours320.2075 ball170.640.00
Bingo Vegas Quickfire24 hours230.050 ball0.0022.51
Costa CruiseOpens @ 10am!500.0590 ball345.7515.78
VIP BRONZE NEW24 Hours3830.0090 ball345.7510.00
VIP SILVER NEW24Hours6460.0090 ball345.7515.00
VIP GOLD NEW24 Hours4530.0090 ball345.7520.00
VIP PLATINUM NEW24 Hours1750.0090 ball345.7525.00

Bingo Bonuses

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