Bingo Calls

Bingo Calls are Numbers Bingo Call. Bingo (US), a game using a printed ticket of 5×5 numbers most commonly played in the USA and Canada with randomly generated numbers.

UK Bingo calls. Bingo (UK), or Housie, a game using a printed ticket of 15 numbers on three lines most commonly played in the UK, Australia and New Zealand

Bingo is one of the easiest games to play and the online version is no different. Playing bingo online, players can make use of optional features which make playing the game easier, such as auto-daub.

The game is won by the first person to call out “bingo!” or “house!” on crossing off all numbers.

1 Kelly’s Eye
2 One Little Duck
3 Cup of Tea
4 Knock at the Door
5 Man Alive
6 Tom’s Tricks
7 Lucky
8 Garden Gate
9 Doctor’s Orders
10 Tony’s Den
11 Legs Eleven
12 One Dozen
13 Unlucky for Some
14 Valentines Day
15 Young and Keen
16 Sweet Sixteen
17 Dancing Queen
18 Coming of Age
19 Goodbye Teens
20 One Score
21 Key of the Door
22 Two Little Ducks
23 Thee and Me
24 Two Dozen
25 Duck and Dive
26 Pick and Mix
27 Gateway to Heaven
28 Over Weight
29 Rise and Shine 30 Dirty Gertie
31 Get up and Run
32 Buckle my Shoe
33 Dirty Knee
34 Ask for More
35 Jump and Jive
36 Three Dozen
37 More than Eleven
38 Christmas Cake
39 Steps
40 Naughty Forty
41 Time for Fun
42 Winnie the Pooh
43 Down on your Knees
44 Droopy Drawers
45 Halfway There
46 Up to Tricks
47 Four and Seven
48 Four Dozen
49 PC
50 Half a Century
51 Tweak of the Thumb
52 Danny La Rue
53 Stuck in the Tree
54 Clean the Floor
55 Snakes Alive
56 Was she worth it
57 Heinz Varieties
58 Make them Wait
59 Brighton Line
60 Five Dozen 61 Baker’s Bun
62 Turn on the Screw
63 Tickle Me
64 Red Raw
65 Old Age Pension
66 Clickety Click
67 Made in Heaven
68 Saving Grace
69 Either Way Up
70 Three Score and Ten
71 Bang on the Drum
72 Six Dozen
73 Queen B
74 Candy Store
75 Strive and Strive
76 Trombones
77 Sunset Strip
78 Heavens Gate
79 One More Time
80 Eight and Blank
81 Stop and Run
82 Straight On Through
83 Time for Tea
84 Seven Dozen
85 Staying Alive
86 Between the Sticks
87 Torquay in Devon
88 Two Fat Ladies
89 Nearly There
90 Top of the Shop

Online Bingo Shortcuts

Online Bingo Short Cuts are used in chat for faster communication between the games.

TCAHB = take care and hurry back
YVW = you’re very welcome
WTG = way to go
GL = good luck
GLNG = good luck next game
TY = thank you
TYVM = thank you very much
GLNGA = good luck next game all
AFK = away from keyboard
BAK = back at keyboard
BBL = be back later
BRB = be right back
BTU = back to you
EG = evil grin
FWIW = for what it’s worth
Gl2U = good luck to you
GR8 – great
HB = hurry back
IRL = in real life
IMO = in my opinion
LOL = laughing out loud
OTFL = on the floor laughing
R – Are
ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing
TY = thank you
U – You
VBS = very big smile
WB = welcome back
WG = wicked grin
1TG, 2TG, 3TG etc. = one/two/three numbers left to go to get bingo
BBIAF = be back in a flash

Bingo Calls – bingo jargon that populate the game

Bingo is such a curious game. While it is certainly keeping up with the times, thanks to the popularity of online bingo, it maintains its old school charms by retaining the terms and jargon used ever since this popular card game became very well-known.

Besides the bingo calls, or the nicknames used for the bingo numbers being called, there are still a number of bingo jargon that populate the game. As with knowing the bingo call nicknames, they are not completely necessary in order to play the game.

However, knowing the bingo terminologies does make the game easier. Every game has its own set of terminologies and jargon – Poker and Gin Rummy, as well as other popular casino games, have them as well.

If you plan to be a regular bingo or online bingo player, you need to know and understand these terms since you will be encountering them often when you play.

Among the more common terms are the ones used to pertain to the bingo patterns. Bingo pattern terms are only applicable in the US bingo games or the 75-ball bingo games, since there are no such patterns in non-US bingo games of the 90-ball bingo game.

For instance, four corners and blackout are two of the popular bingo terms here. When the game requires you to form a four corners pattern, you need to form a pattern where the top and bottom B column and the top and bottom O column-the four corners of the bingo card-are marked. In blackout, you need to mark every numbers on your card.

Another term that you will not use in non-US bingo games is the free space. This is the space in the middle of the bingo card.

In the 75-ball bingo card game, the middle slot has no number because it is given as a free slot. This means it is already considered as a marked slot.

When you a play a five in a row bingo game, this means you only need four numbers if you are aiming to mark all your N column slots.

Some terms, on the other hand, are used during the game itself. For instance, even in online bingo, people use the term eyes down when referring to the start of the game.

Looking at it closely, this is used because when playing bingo, the players have to look down at their cards, which are often placed on the table.

Meanwhile, terms are also used to refer to the type of prize package winners get. For instance, a cash-in-prize is a payout system where the prize is dictated according to the number of players who joined the game.

Progressive bingo games, on the other hand, have jackpot prizes that continue to increase until someone wins.

While this may seem preferable, this means that not every game will have a winner. For instance, a progressive bingo game may end not if there is a winner but according to a pre-set number of balls to be drawn.

Are you going to play bingo?

You’ll never be able to appreciate the game more if you’re not aware of them.Admission. You have to make yourself eligible to play the game.

There are certain requirements that have to be met, one of which is you should be at least 18 years old. This also means that there is a fee that has to be paid. For online bingo games, this is referred to as deposit.

Caller. A caller is a person who has to shout the numbers that are being drawn. These numbers will then correspond to the digits that are being printed in the card.

Callers have a way of calling numbers, and this is called name calling. They have nicknames attached to the digits.

Bingo Card. This refers to the card used to play the 75-bingo game. The other game, 90 ball, requires the use of six strips of tickets. In the card, you can find five rows and five columns. Each of the columns is labeled by every letter of the word “bingo.”

The squares will be numbered from 1 to 75, but it depends on the column. For instance, column B will normally contain numbers that are from 1 to 15; I, 16 to 30; N, 31 to 45; G, 46 to 60; and O, 61 to 75. Your bingo card will be the one that is marked every time you have the number that is being called.

Coverall. This is a pattern where the player has to black out or mark all numbers that are found in the card.

Bonanza Bingo. This is a coverall progressive bingo game. You can consider this as intermission, and is usually played as the thirteenth game in any bingo event.

The prize will be dependent on the sales of the bonanza cards, which will cost around a dollar. This also makes it an optional game. You can still play all of the bingo sessions and choose not to win in bonanza bingo.

Cash-in Prize. This refers to the real cash prize that is being won by a player. This can be deposited directly into his online account or given to him or her, such as in the case of playing in bingo halls.

Chat Room. This is a very beautiful feature of online bingo websites. With it, you can talk with your friends and even opponents.

You can also win prizes if you participate in the chat games. The screen can appear in different areas of the screen. There are times, though, when they are not being activated.

Session. This refers to a series of regular bingo games that are being played in certain times of the day. The schedule can be fixed or not.

That’s why you have to visit the online bingo website as often as you can to get the exact schedule of the games. A session can last as long as three hours.