Parlay Games Bingo Sites

Parlay Games Inc. Bingo Software develops and licenses flexible internet bingo and casino software products for the online bingo and interactive gaming industry.

Their bingo software has powered sites around the globe since 1998 and is available in both a 75-ball and 90-ball versions.

Parlay Entertainment belongs to the group of the most renowned online gaming software providers.

It is the most used online bingo software, and some of the most famous gaming websites chose Parlay Entertainment because of their professionalism and the quality of the games.

Besides online bingo, Parlay Entertainment offer software for online casinos, slots, and lottery.

Parlay Entertainment provides software for gaming websites world wide, and it can be customized basing on the preferences.

What Parlay has to offer to you?

After years of accomplishments and hard work, Parley has many features to offer like 75 Ball Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, Swedish Variant Bingo, Parlay5 Architecture Slots, Mini Games, Classic Slots, Video Poker, video Slots, Table Games, Pull Tabs, Lottery, Keno, Unique Games and Scratch Cards.

New games constantly pop up all the time. Their interface is so simple it is easy to understand almost all of their games. The advance purchase of bingo cards ensures extra smooth scheduling of bingo games.

If you feel bored by the bingo games of Parlay, you can enjoy side games as well. The selection of side games includes casino classics like video poker machines or blackjack.

Other Features

The software of Parlay allows integrating other games easily into it and thus, the operators can offer bingo players a smooth flow. The display, graphics and sound of the games are very well designed.

The market-leading brand does justice to its name by providing bingo rooms and games that are very beautifully designed and also come with graphics that are easy on the eyes. You can also re-size your windows in such a manner that the side games can also be placed alongside.

Collectively, the players have a brilliant gaming experience. Some other features of Parlay Bingo sites include Remote Game Services, Managed Services, Marketing Partner Services, Promotional Product Solutions, Hosting Operations and Free & Subscription Play Game Content.

Instantly Play or Download

You can have the pleasure of playing online with Parlay software and you can also download it as you like. The online playing version is offered for all major platforms. It makes the availability of Parlay bingo rooms possible on MAC and players can enjoy a great bingo online.

However, it is recommended that you download the software so that the special features of the programs work in accordance with their intended use. You should take a few minutes and download the software so that you can enjoy a flawless gaming experience.

Free Play

Most players seek a free play, which is offered by Parlay Bingo Sites. It not only attracts the new players, but also is a great way to learn the working of games and get a feeling of bingo rooms.

The amateur players can learn the methods and tactics of picking up cards, daubing and starting up games, without stress to make mistake and thus, lose any money.

Chat Rooms

The popularity of chat rooms of Parlay is not there without any reason. You can enjoy chatting while you are playing bingo games. This cuts short the hassle of opening the chat in a new window.

This allows the bingo players to know each other instantly and make quick comments on the running game. This feels like a daily event happening in the chat room.

Chat managers moderate the chat room and they are in charge of the chat games that can bring fun prizes for players.

For those who don’t feel like chatting there are many mini Java games that will offer a great distraction from bingo and entertain during the break.

Players have a big chance of winning since various Jackpots such as $1,000 per hour are offered all the time, making the games that much more exciting.

Parlay Entertainment software is constantly being improved so that they stay at the very top of the online gaming industry.

By offering to the players a reliable and professional product they ensure satisfied clients that will come back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Beyond the individual choice of the webpage design, what makes an online bingo hall really great is a big variety of high quality games, which Parlay Entertainment can offer.

Parlay Entertainment is a Canada based online gaming software provider. They are among the very best in the business and they supply more online bingo websites than any other software provider. They also power online gaming websites that offer slots, lottery, and casino games.

Parlay Entertainment software is internationally used and it is very customizable. It powers both websites that offer the 75 ball and the 90 ball version of the game.

While some software are only offered ether in the downloadable or in the instant play version Parlay is available in both, giving the player a choice. Moreover you can play for real money of you can play for free.

The quality of the games is indisputable as they are well designed and very realistic, and they run without any interruptions. There are over 300 different bingo patterns offered, and with this being said it is guaranteed each player will find a suitable pattern and a suitable bingo card price.

The Live Chat feature gives you the opportunity to contact the helpful customer service staff at any time of day or night, and it also makes it possible for players to chat among themselves.

The chat manager that is usually the heart of the website makes sure you have fun all the time as it not only moderates the chat room but it also offers great chat games with fun prizes.

If you do not feel like chatting however you would like a small distraction from bingo there are the mini Java games to entertain you. The prizes and the Jackpots such as 1.000$ jackpots per hour are constantly offered making the online bingo websites very exciting.

The customer support is always at hand and they can be contacted either via the above mentioned Live Chat or via emails.

If you should encounter any problems with the software download and installation, with the games, or with the banking methods, it is good to know you can contact them 24/7.

If you decide to play in an online bingo hall that is powered by Parlay Entertainment software you can be sure you are playing in a reliable and professional website because Parlay stand behind their product and allow only the best.

The design of the webpage is individual and it can vary from silly mascots to loud colours however what is really important are the top notch game performances, excellent customer support, and a great game variety.