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USA Bingo is a game many people think that only the old people play. However, it may surprise people to know that millions and millions of people around the world still play online bingo.

In fact, according to statistics, more than 60 million people all over the world still play this quite beloved card game.

And majority of that number actually resides in the US. This is proof that in the US, bingo remains to be one of the top card games, only second to the massively popular lottery.

USA Bingo Popularity

Though popularized in America, bingo has spread like wildfire all over the world. The combination of simplicity and exhilaration attracts a lot of people.

Add over the fact that the game is entirely a game of chance, which means everyone has an equal possibility of bagging the top prize. Today bingo is played in almost all countries, and US is no exception.

However, many might become surprised to know that bingo over at the USA bingo has major differences over the UK version. Regardless of the differences, the thrill and the excitement are just about the same.

Differences between USA and UK Bingo

The first difference is the card used for playing. American bingo cards have five columns and rows, all containing numbers except for the middle box. Every column is named after a letter in the word “bingo” and has a range of 25 numbers.

Hence, column B can have numbers 1 to 25, column I from 26 to 50, and so forth. In UK bingo, cards follow the 9 columns by 3 rows pattern. A column can have 10 numbers, but each row can only have 5 numbers.

This means that there will be boxes that do not have any numbers at all. The cards also reveal another difference: American bingo has 75 numbers while its UK counterpart has 90.

How to Play Bingo in US

Not surprisingly, the methods of the two games are actually very similar. From the pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 75, a single number is drawn, and if that number is found on a card, it gets marked.

The process continues until somebody gets the winning pattern. You can win if all of your numbers in a horizontal line is marked. A larger prize awaits those who can completely mark off the pattern.

The jackpots are usually reserved for Full House, which can be achieved by covering all lines.

The fact is USA bingo has an easier learning curve. This attracts a lot people because it takes less than 30 minutes to learn the ropes of the game. The winning patterns are also simpler.

But despite its easiness, you still have to remember that 75 balls are being randomly chosen. Regardless, USA bingo has enjoyed enormous success that it is not just played in homes and in halls.

There are also smaller outfits that organize their own bingo game all over the country. There are also many online bingo websites that have included USA Bingo in their regular lineups of games.

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USA Bingo Games Online

Although many people play online bingo, to a point where the younger players are actually enticed to play bingo online, there are still a number of players who cannot play bingo online due to a number of reasons.

Therefore, they still play bingo in traditional bingo halls.

One reason why bingo could be popular in the U is the fact that bingo is actually being played in casinos and other similar clubs. Instead of the usual bingo halls, the bingo clubs in the United Kingdom are actually more like exclusive clubs rather than the typical dingy setup.

Legal US Online Bingo Sites

In fact, many bingo halls and online bingo websites parade the fact that even celebrities play bingo.

Even more surprisingly, bingo is still growing in the USA, especially among the younger population. In terms of online bingo popularity, only the United States of America and Japan have UK beat.

In the UK, online bingo is currently the top pastime among young women aged 20 to 25.

Although it is said that online bingo players in the United Kingdom have even reached an overwhelming number, people expect it to hit such numbers in the long run.

Thanks to the benefits of technology, especially of the Internet, bingo and online bingo have suddenly become a phenomenon in the USA, as it is around the world. And it isn’t surprising.