Bingo Payment Options

Before you can start playing in an online bingo hall there are a few things you need to do. First of all you have to register, which is usually a quite straight forward and very quick process.

The second thing to do is to open and account and deposit money into it. There are usually several deposit options, and you should take some time to decide which method you are going to opt for. Sometimes it is quite difficult to choose, especially if you have never played in an online gaming website.

The following review will provide you information on the most frequently used deposit methods, and hopefully help you choose the one that suits you best.

Bingo Deposit & Payment Methods

Credit Cards Payment Options

This is of course, the classic and most popular way of making payments. If you don’t know about this yet, it comprises of simply giving your credit card details to the site on which you intend to make you deposit.

Credit cards can be found as a deposit method on almost every gambling website. Visa and Mastercard will almost always be accepted, yet there are many banks that prohibit the use of their cards for depositing money on a gambling website account.

Before you decide to use Mastercard you should know that it only allows you to deposit money on the account, while it is not possible to withdraw your winnings directly back on the card account.

To do this you will have to use an intermediate method, such as another card or e-wallet. Websites sometimes charge and additional cost for using credit cards.

Debit Cards Payment Options

Debit Cards such as Visa Electron, Maestro, Delta, and Solo are the simplest and the most commonly accepted deposit methods.

The difference between the two cards is that with a debit card you can only deposit the amount you have on the card, while with the credit card you can also use a credit (money you borrow from the bank).

Not every debit will be accepted so make sure to read the banking options first.


E-wallets like Skrill and NETeller to mention the most famous ones, offer money transfer services for transactions made over the net. Most gambling websites include them in the deposit options, and they are very popular among players.

-wallets are very easy to use. Once you have opened your e-wallet you can transfer money into it directly from your credit/debit card. The amount you have deposited can then be transferred to your online bingo account, while at the same time your credit/debit card details remain hidden.

E-wallets can also be used to make a withdrawal and to deposit it on your bank account. One e-wallet account can be used to play on several gambling websites. Transactions can also be made in foreign currencies.

Keep in mind that there is usually a fee that is covered for each transaction, and the exchange rate can be unfavourable at times. However, these details depend on the e-wallet provider.

Bank Transfers and Checks

Bank transfers and checks are very often offered as banking options. While they are very easy to use and can be used both to deposit and withdrawal money checks will usually take much time before being processed.

Prepaid Cards

PaySafeCard is one example of the prepaid cards that some websites offer. They are simple, fast, and have no additional charges. They come with a certain balance and can in most cases be recharged.

While most of the above mentioned methods can be used in the UK, not all of them are available worldwide.

Many websites will offer you a bonus if you choose to use one specific banking option. This can be of great help if you cannot decide between two reliable methods. However, it should not be your only criteria.