Real time Bingo Jackpots and players online. Online bingo jackpot games come in many variations depending if you join a 30, 75 or 90 ball bingo game.

The 90 ball is mostly played by European players and the three game winners will be the ones who first fill one a single row, two rows and finally the whole bingo card. The 30 ball bingo also named speed bingo is the newest of all the bingo games around and has been invented for people who do not have enormous with time to spend on a given day. As a maximum of 30 balls are called the bingo card which is a 3×3 format has to be filled before a winner is crowned. Clearly this form of bingo will become the most popular game eventually because it is fast and furious.

The popular 75 ball game is a real hit because of all the variations in patterns that is available. It just makes real time bingo jackpot games more fun when there is a variety while playing and that is exactly what the 75 ball game provide players. For years this bingo game has been most popular for US players but recently many of the European bingo operators have included this bingo game in the always increasing portfolio of games players can participate in.

Jackpots and Progressive Bingo Jackpots

The most exiting games are the jackpot games where it is possible to receive a monster bingo win in case the card is filled before a certain amount of numbers are called.

Players have been winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in those games in recent years and with the massive increased amount of bingo players who have found that online bingo is so much more fun than visiting the local bingo hall, the jackpots increase with lightning speed and reach heights never seen before in a bingo game.

With millions of players the operators continuously look to develop more and exciting bingo games that attract the players but in the meantime players will have to stick to the old 75 and 90 bingo games or if in a hurry jump in to a software provider that has the newly invented speed bingo game available.

Check back to this page for news on bingo games and the development of news ones as we will update the site every time a new game is brought to the marketplace.

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