Play in the $13,000 Big Bingo Event at Cyber Bingo this September

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As September rolls around, it’s time to take a look at the biggest bingo event of the month. That’s right, our $13,000 Big Bingo Event is back. The event will take place on Saturday, September 25 EDT in the Tourney Room. So put it in your calendars and don’t miss out!

Within this event, Cyber Bingo has got some guaranteed cash prizes just ready and waiting for you. The event consists of various games too. There are three warm-up bingo games. Each is a $1,000 Guaranteed game and these will play as Top of the Hour. This kicks off at 19:00PM EDT until 21:00PM EDT on Saturday.

The main event takes place at 22:00PM EDT. This is our $10,000 Guaranteed game where the massive prizes are to be found. The warm-up games are priced at $2.00 per card, with the main event priced at $5.00. However, you can only buy 120 cards in total spanning both events.

To help you out though, any cards you buy for the warm-up games will be subject to our extra little promo — Buy 3, and you’ll Get 2 free. In this way, you can grab a whole ton of cards and get ready to enjoy an evening of exciting free bingo.

There’s no need to opt in for this event either. Just make sure you’ve got an account with us in order to play. You will also need to put the date in your diary too, so that you don’t miss out on the day and time this $13,000 Big Bingo Event happens.

Slot Safari Tourney – Spin and win this September

Fall is coming and with it there are some massive events waiting to be enjoyed. This September, Cyber Bingo is running our fun-filled Slot Safari Tourney. Excitingly, this will run weekly from Monday right through to Thursday. On top of that, there’s a whopping $4,600 prize pool to be split.

In order to get involved in this fun tourney, you will need to opt-in. If you don’t opt-in, then you won’t be eligible to take part. Even if you are spinning all the right slots, your wins won’t count toward the tournament table, so don’t forget to opt-in now!

To participate in this tournament, you must have funded in the previous 7 days and need to select to “Opt in” using the button below.

If you do not opt in for this tournament, none of the bingo games played will count towards winning the Tournament and you will not be eligible to win any of the prizes. OPT in now for your chance to win the top prize of $1,900!

Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $1,900.00 Cash
2nd Place $950.00 Universal Bonus
3rd Place $475.00 Universal Bonus
4th Place $250.00 Universal Bonus
5th Place $125.00 Universal Bonus
6th – 10th $75.00 Universal Bonus
11th – 15th $50.00 Universal Bonus
16th – 20th $25.00 Universal Bonus
21st – 30th $15.00 Universal Bonus

As the name of this tourney suggests, the theme is the safari. There are several slots that you can play in order to claim a place on the leaderboard. Playing other games not listed will mean your spins don’t count. Better yet, winners are based on the best-equalized spin over five rounds.

The prize pool is reset each week too, so try weekly for a chance to score that top prize. While the top 30 players all get a piece of the pie, it’s the top player that walks away with the biggest win. This is an impressive $1,900 cash prize, while runners-up get a universal bonus.

As this runs weekly, there are plenty of chances to get your Fall off to a roaring start! So, make the most of the Slot Safari Tourney and opt-in today. If you’re yet to make an account with us, there’s still time to sign up and join in this adventure.