Top 10 Online Bingo Rooms in UK with Massive Free Spins

The 10 best bingo rooms in UK with free spins is decided considering factors such as the best online communities, bonuses given, ease of use and the general feel of the website. This is a comprehensive list of the top 10 bingo rooms in UK, according to players and critics alike.

1. Bingo Barmy – 10 free spins

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Bingo Barmy

With games starting as cheap as a dime per card Bingo Barmy has undoubtedly of the best online chat communities. Generous bonuses and four well designed bingo halls make play here fun.

2. Loadsa Bingo – 20 free spins

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loadsa bingo

Loadsa Bingo is one of the most reputed brands in UK. They have been in the business for 70 years and know how bingo should be played. Their website is licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar & UK commissions. Their website is simple and their online community large.

3. Lovehearts Bingo – 20 free spins

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Lovehearts Bingo

Multiple games and superb graphics make Lovehearts Bingo an incredible website to play on. Primarily a UK site, the games are played in pounds and do not accept US players.

4. Dinly Bingo – 20 free spins

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Dinky Bingo

This is a prominent bingo gaming website with extremely competitive payouts at 200% free deposit bonus. This site has the most varieties of bingo with awesome variations and themed games.

5. Yay Bingo – 10 free spins

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Yay Bingo

This is one of the most secure gaming sites available to bingo players today. Their impeccable reputation still makes Yay Bingo a favoured site with thousands of players daily.

6. Sailor Bingo – 50 free spins

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Sailor Bingo

This website is very well known in UK due to its aggressive marketing, brilliant variety of games and attention to players. They have massive jackpots up to 37,000 pounds on their jackpot bingo games.

7. Dabber Bingo – 10 free spins

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Dabber Bingo

Part of the massive Dabber Gaming organisation, the Dabber Bingo software is top of the line, as is its players. There are small stake games throughout the day like 10, 25 and 50 cent games giving all other bingo sites stiff competition.

8. Blighty Bingo – 10 free spins

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Blighty Bingo

This is the newest bingo site in town that runs on the famous virtue fusion software. Gaming here is fast and smooth and incredibly enjoyable. They also claim to be the safest and most fun place to play.

9. Balmy Bingo – 500 free spins

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Balmy Bingo

This website has recently grown in popularity after it was sold last year for $30M. With prompt customer support, via telephone and e-mail, Balmy bingo has made vast inroads into the current gaming scene.

10. Bingo 52 – 50 free spins

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Bingo 52

This website is known for their great game play, graphics and sounds. A 250% match bonus on the first deposit makes it the highest in the industry. They have the best bonus schemes in the online bingo playing world.

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