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This October 2022 is actively joining the Breast Cancer Awareness cause. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we aim to get as many people as possible involved in raising awareness and funds.

This worldwide annual campaign involves thousands of organizations, to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education, and research.

Join the effort and send your traffic to our site; we’ll have exciting activities every day giving away free spins, bonuses, big cash prizes, Raffles and more! The events will be split as follows:

  • October 1st – 16th: Breast Cancer awareness activities.
  • October 17th – 31st: Billy’s race for the cure.

Join Billy on the race to BEAT breast cancer; players will have the chance to earn Pink Miles and participate in our famous Facebook Live Raffles. We are stronger together!

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Frighteningly Fun Seasonal Rooms Alert!

The Wolf Full Moon Coveralls Room + the Dancing Skeletons Room:

You have more reason to play at Bingo Billy daily during October! We have spiced up midday and midnight with two rooms that promise a lot of fun!

Introducing 2 Seasonal Rooms Available Only During October!

Midnight Fun

  • Features: 2 Hours of Reverse Coverall Games
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  • Eligibility: All depositing members
  • Cards cost: Cost will vary
  • Pre-Buys Available

Midday Funy

  • Features: 2 Hours Jumping Jackpot Lines
  • Schedule: From 12pm to 2pm ET daily during October only
  • Eligibility: All depositing members
  • Cards cost: Cost will vary
  • Pre-Buys Available

Limited Time! Scarily-Good Midday Raffle

You can win 3 TIMES the amount you deposit between 12am and 12pm ET.


For every $30 you deposit you get 1 Entry into the Raffle!

  • Deposit $250 = $750.00 win
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  • Deposit $50 = $150.00 win
  • Deposit $30 = $90.00 win

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Hare the Love & the Luck during October

Send your friends a gift in the form of CASH and make them smile! You can send as little as $10!

If you use our Preferred Way (BITCOIN), Billy will make you smile too!

There are two ways of sending gifts to your friends:

Preferred Way! BITCOIN – WIN-WIN: You can send your friend (s) a gift to our Wallet and Billy will gift you the same amount as cash into your account.

Example: You send $30 to a friend. We’ll credit the $30 as cash and you’ll get $30 cash too!