Win $10,000 in Cyber Bingo $20,000 Epic Bingo Party

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More cash prizes are coming your way, as our Big Bingo event is now the $20,000 Epic Bingo Party!

Taking place on May 28th in the Tourney Bingo room, this event starts things off at 6:00PM EDT with 10 $1,000 Guaranteed games as the Top of the Hour and Mid hour specials.

But it’s 11:00PM EDT when the main event, the $10,000 Guaranteed Game kicks off. So, make sure to not miss out on this amazing bingo event!

  • A one-night Bingo event with a prize pool of $20,000. Event consists of 10 warm-up $1,000 guaranteed games and a main guaranteed game with a $10,000 cash prize.
  • Event will take place in the Tourney Bingo Room on Saturday, May 28th at 6:00PM EDT with 10 warm-up games and main event will be at 11:00PM EDT.
  • The cards for the warm-up games can be bought for $2.00 each and the cards for the main event will be priced at $5.00 each a promo for ALL cards of Buy 3 and get 2 Free with cap set at 120 cards per player.

Have fun this May with the Ladies Bingo Tourney!

Get ready for some Bingo Fun this May! Yes, Cyber Bingo is bringing you the fun of the party, all from the comfort of home. The Ladies’ Bingo Tourney is all about the girls, with a girl’s night out theme.

The event kicks off weekly from Monday right through to Thursday. It plays once an hour in the Seasonal Bingo room.
Spring Room

Indeed, the event is made up of Multi-part Guaranteed games $25 / $25 / $50. The first games of this bingo event are played on a small pattern, the second are played on girl’s night out themed patterns. The final part take is a coverall pattern.

  • A weekly Bingo Tourney consisted of Top of the Hour Multi-Part Guaranteed games and a weekly prize pool of $4,150.00 that will be rewarded to the top 40 players with a top prize of $1,800 in cash.
  • The event takes place every week from 12:00AM EDT on Mondays through to 11:59PM EDT on Thursday. All games are Top of the Hour.
  • Join us in the Seasonal Room and play the Top of the Hour Games with a card cost of $.35 and an offer of Buy 7 cards get 3 free. Pre-order now!
1st Place$1,800.00Cash
2nd Place$900.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
3rd Place$400.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
4th Place$200.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
5th Place$100.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
6th – 10th Place$50.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
11th – 20th Place$25.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
21th – 30th Place$15.00Free Play Bingo Bonus
31th – 40th Place$10.00Free Play Bingo Bonus