Android Bingo

It’s safe to say that in the last few years, mobile and specifically Android bingo have become incredibly popular with countless sites allowing you to get your bingo fix by simply using your phone.

Browser Based Android Bingo vs Downloadable Apps

When it comes to Android bingo games you normally have two main choices, you can play it using a browser based game or you can download an app.

The browser based sites for example allow you to instantly access you games and are universally accepted across the majority of Android devices. However they require a constant internet connection to work.

Downloadable apps come in a range of genres from free, real-money, free games for real cash and there’s an almost unlimited list of apps available for you to download.

Unfortunately they also require an internet connection to work and can have compatability problems with certain devices.

Real Money Apps vs Just-For-Fun Social Apps

If you’re plan on playing with a bingo app for android you have two main choices to pick, you could go for Real Money apps or Just-For-Fun games.

Both are extremely different from one another for example the Real Money apps can be played using real money with the intent of winning larger amounts of cash back in return. You’re also given a wider range in the types of games to play.

Meanwhile the Just-For-Fun games are normally free to download, free to play and can on occasion give you real cash back for free. You can also post your scores and wins on Facebook or even invite some of your friends into your games.

Android Bingo vs iPhone Bingo

Androids have larger screens so you have a bigger playing field, better resolution and crisper images, but some devices aren’t compatible with certain bingo apps.

iPhones on the other hand are universally compatible with bingo apps and sites, they also have great graphics and can handle more graphically demanding games, but the small screens are difficult to see and can result in accidental button presses.

How to Stay Safe

The Pay by Phone Bill option on the other hand lets you make a deposit which is then charged to your monthly phone contract or deducted from your phone credit

It’s an incredibly secure system but its only downside is that you can only make payments of a max of $10 at a time.

Android Compatible Bingo sites

Mobile bingo has become so popular now that it’s incredibly difficult to pin down one specific site as being the best, so instead we’ve listed four sites that are worth trying out.