Bingo Hall Thanksgiving is closing in and you haven¹t baked any pies

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For 3 days and 3 bingo rooms you¹ll get a shot to winning even more! Here is what you need to do: play in a specific room one day at the time, and win a minimum of 8 Bingo Rally games in each. And take away with you a great $400 bonus prize!

Big Leagues is all about BIG fun, BIG prizes, BIG Winnings! Check this out:
Each member that hits a Cover All bingo game will get a fixed $150 bonus!
The member(s) that hit the Progressive bingo Jackpot this week will get an extra 50% match up!
The player to complete the word BINGO, using the letter patterns, will take away an a-ma-zing $800 bingo bonus!

Our bingo hall rooms are simply giving money away! Check the individual games and prizes, and the winning combinations, snap your fingers and start winning!
Quarters: features the Crazy Jet game holding a $75 fixed prize
Dimes: features the Crazy Centurion Arrow game holding a fixed $50 prize
Nickels and Fair & Square: feature the Crazy Magnifying Glass game, with a fixed $25 prize.

Now combine the games and win:
5 Crazy Jet games at Quarters, and take away a $250 prize.
5 Crazy Centurion Arrows at Dimes and take away $150
For each set of Crazy Magnifying Glass games that you win at Fair & Square or Nickels will give you a $100 bonus.
Win a set of 4 games, including all the Crazy special games featured in our rooms and you will be the happy winner of a $400 bonus!