£100,000 in the Joy of Bingo Joy Pot

Play the most exciting online bingo games and win fabulous cash jackpots at four premier Joy of Bingo sites.

The JoyPot bingo games will be played at Tasty Bingo, Wink Bingo, RedBus Bingo and at Posh Bingo over the next year and you have a chance to win a share of the massive guaranteed cash jackpot that is up on offer in these games. Each JoyPot game carries a guaranteed jackpot worth £25,000 making the total cash on offer a staggering £100,000! Play bingo for free and win enormous piles of money in this latest bingo promotion from Joy of Bingo, hosted at four of the best UK bingo sites.

The first JoyPot game will be played on 25th of June, 2010 at 9pm. The next one will be played at Wink Bingo in September, the third one at RedBus Bingo in December and the final one at Posh Bingo in April. You can play all these thrilling bingo games absolutely free because there are loads of free tickets on offer. Just collect 500 Pot Points and get your free ticket. You can collect as many as you like. Win up to £25,000 in each Joy Pot game on your free tickets and be the happiest online bingo player on earth! You can also buy tickets for these games at £2 each.

It’s fairly easy to collect Pot Points. The best thing is that you can collect Pot Points at any of the four sites and they will be pooled together. Bingo on the Pot of Gold pattern games and get 5 points every time. Get 2 points on every £10 you spend on bingo tickets and 1 point for every £50 you spend on the Instant games. Hit a bingo on the call number 25 and get 1 point. Play at any of the four sites and notch up those points. Pick up a free ticket for every 500 Pot Points that you collect. You can also earn a quick 20 points by writing an email to ilove@joyofbingo.com describing what you would put in your joy pot if you had one. Would you fill it with money, champagne, or an endless supply of your favourite dessert? Let your imagination soar and send in your ideas so you can get a cool 20 points.

The excitement is mounting as the first JoyPot game is around the corner. There’s just a little more than a month for you to collect free tickets for the first game. Register yourself at all four bingo sites because you have to be a member to play at each site. You don’t have to fund your account but you do have to register to play the Joy Pot games.

The bingo player who wins the JoyPot game will get a guaranteed jackpot of £1,000 all in cash. The rest of the booty, all £24,000 of it will be shared equally among the 1TG players in the game. How’s that for a wicked twist! Play the most thrilling online bingo games where it might turn out better if you come in second.

Gear up for the Joy of Bingo JoyPot games and win heaps of guaranteed cash.