Bingo Basket 123 Bingo Progressive Jackpots

Wanna hit big in one shot? Then try out the flourishing progressive jackpots in 123 Bingo rooms! Play in our Nickel, Quarter and Highroller rooms and hit tremendous jackpots of up to $10,000.

MEGA Bingo Bash!

Make way for the MEGA Bingo Game every night! Every night at 10 keep yourself free for a date with us in the Highroller Room for a session of Blackout Bingo within the first 35 calls and win MEGA $2,000 CASH! If no bingo is called within 35 calls, the first player to have the coverall will take home GUARANTEED $500 CASH prize.

Tryout Bingo Lounge

Play bingo FREE, win some Jack! Forget about the deposits! Use your free $25 sign-up bonus or BBs to play in the ‘Tryout Lounge’ & make some extra bucks! Just 15 bingo games* in the Red Room all this month will get you qualified for the month end draw that rewards three lucky players.

December Tourney Bingo Room Special

Deposit once and play Daily Delights and Fish Bowl Tournaments all five days!

Weeks Tourney PackThis December just make a deposit of $50 or more from Sunday through Friday to play in our Week’s Bingo Bonus Tourney. One deposit is good for all FIVE days and for both Daily Delights and Fish Bowl tournaments.

All Tourneys are played from Monday through Friday (8 AM to 12 PM Teams) and 12 PM to 4 PM in our Special Bonus Tourney Room.

Tourney Room Schedule
Tourney Room opens at 8 AM
Penny games play from 8 AM to 10 AM EST
Tourney 1 plays from 10 PM to 12 PM
Intermission games 12 PM to 1 PM
Tourney 2 plays from 1 PM to 3 PM
Free Games played immediately after the tournament ends from 3 PM to 4 PM.

Generous Jackie!

Wonder what CM Jackie does with the Cash Balance in her account at the end of the month? Well, she gifts it all to the last standing player in the Tourney Room!

CM Jackie makes sure no roomie goes home without a win! So every month-end, before the Tourney Room closes, Jackie hands over her share of wins on the free games to the last standing player of the session!

This December 31, CM Jackie will announce the prize money she’s stacked up just before playing the Royal Treasures. Play the game till the end, and take home the jack(ie)pot if you don’t manage a win!

Sometimes it pays to lose, you see!

Daily Delights

Checkout our Daily Delights for our daily scoop of dazzling games everyday, every week and all this month!
*Mondays: Wake up! & Fishing
*Tuesdays: Host’s Choice & Tuesdays Treasures
*Wednesdays: Host’s Choice & Whacked Out Wednesdays
*Thursdays: Wake up! (Teams) and Host’s Choice
*Fridays: Host’s Choice & Chariot Races

Tourney Pack- ‘Fish Bowl’

Bingo on the Fish Bowl ‘number’ and shout ‘Fish Bowl’ to WIN! Fish Bowl starts out at 5 BBs every day. If no one wins, the ‘Fish Bowl’ keeps on increasing by 5 BBs until its won!

Deposits Bonus Tourney Draw

Deposit and get lucky to draw mounds of cash this December! Deposits for Bonus Tourney will be put into a draw at the end of the month. Two lucky winners will receive $100 in CASH.

Recruit Special – Tourney Room

Recruit a new player and earn a free entry into the next week’s Bingo Tourney Pack!

Recruit a New Player into Tourney Room. This new Recruit must deposit and play two full tournaments throughout the week. Once the new player has participated in 2 full tournaments, you the recruiter will earn 1 entry into the next week’s Bingo Tourney Pack.

Player can participate in Tournaments, earn BBs and play chat games as per deposit rules. *cash back does not apply

Email and give the name of your recruit. Your recruited player must verify at by confirming that they were recruited by (recruiter  name) the recruiter.

Tourney Room Teams Tournament

Win $500 worth BBs!

Join the Tourney Room Teams Tournaments and win 500 BBs! Plus Player with maximum bingo games won amongst all teams will get 50 BBs!

Bingo Team Tourney plays in TOURNEY ROOM. Team to win MAXIMUM AMOUNT during the tourney will be the winner. You should be ELIGIBLE to enter the Tournament room. Players can join only one team. Minimum three teams required, if not, tournament will be cancelled and fee will be returned. Winning team participants with 0 (Zero) Wins will not be eligible for the prize, the prize will be distributed to the contributing members (Bingo Winners) of the winning team. Room will be open for all TR eligible players to play.