Online Bingo Flash Christmas Carnival Promotions

Flash League on Bingo Flash gets better and better with time! With every Flash league we come up with something very extraordinary and something very rich! Just as in our 2nd Flash League, the Cornucopia of Thanksgiving gifts filled the basket of bingo winner with loads of generous goodies on scoring the maximum wins within a week!

And for our 3rd Bingo Flash League, we have our Santa’s sack full of captivating Christmas Gifts for the top bingo-winner from between December 15 and 21!

Sounds Irresistible? Well then, join in and play bingo with all your might this December! You never know this time it could be you to score the max wins and get your bags stacked with loads of Christmas bingo cash!

Cookie Crunch
It’s a cookie crunch this Christmas! Our cookie corner is open from 8 AM to12 noon and our cookie man is baking crunchy cookies ever hour, everyday!

Bingo on the Cookie Pattern for a $25 guaranteed jackpot! And bingo on the cookie pattern within 15 calls to win a fortune cookie that hides a fortune-laden bonus for you!

Snow Boarding
Season of white and season of snow is here! Brrrrr…Winters are here! So, let’s bingo the snow way! Let’s go snowboarding!!

Bingo on the Snow Pattern to win a guaranteed jackpot of $50!
Call a bingo on the snowball (White Bingo Ball) and win 10 BBs!
And get your chosen snowball (White Bingo Ball) number in the first 10 calls to win 20 BBs!

Candy Cane!
Have a sweet tooth? Then celebrate your Christmas with the mellow candy canes on Bingo Flash!
Bingo on the Candy Cane Pattern to win guaranteed jackpots of $100!

Bingo on the B row to win 5 BBs
Bingo on the I row to win 5 Free Cards in Ruby Room
Bingo on the N row to win a free entry to the day’s cash raffle
Bingo on the G row to win a extra 25% bonus on your next deposit
Bingo on the O row to win the surprise gift!

Bingo Babble

Chase the Santa!

Dressed in reds and whites, the Santa is playing Peek-a-Boo with you this Christmas! You got to chase and find the Santa to get your Christmas Gifts!

All the red and white bingo balls in the USA Mixed Room represent the Santa this month! So, pick a number from Red and White rows and give it to the chat host before the game begins.

To get your Christmas gift (1 BB) from Santa, just pray that your red and white numbers are called out first!
The player to bag the maximum Christmas Gifts by the end of the two hours session wins 10 BBs!

Treasure Trove!
There’s a treasure hidden everywhere in our USA Mixed Room! But it’s all buried under the think layers of the snow! So, it’s time to take out your shovels and lift the snow to uncover the hidden treasure!

The ‘N’ row is the snow field and the 15 treasure boxes are hidden under the 15 numbers from between 31 and 45.  Pick up one number from these numbers and give it to the chat host before the game begins. The treasure box is surfaced when the bingo is called on the respective number. You earn 1 BB if the bingoed number is yours.

Expose the maximum treasure boxes by the end of the session to win a prize of 10 BBs

Casino Club

Weekly Slots Championships
Follow this Slots-cycle to win   $1,000 worth cash and bonus rewards every week:
Prizes for three highest winners (Win on a single pull):
1st Prize:        $250 Cash + 250 BBs
2nd Prize:       $150 Cash + 150 BBs
3rd Prize:       $100 Cash + 100 BBs

Week 1 Slots Tourney: December 3 to December 9
Week 2 Slots Tourney: December 10 to December 16
Week 3 Slots Tourney: December 17 to December 23
Week 4 Slots Tourney: December 24 to December 30

Weekdays Poker Play Off
Play Table or Video Poker to win up to $100 in cash and 100 in BBs every week:
Prizes for two highest wagering players (Total wagers):

1st Prize:        $100 Cash + 100 BBs
2nd Prize:       $50 Cash + 50 BBs

Week 1 Slots Tourney: December 6 to December 9
Week 2 Slots Tourney: December 13 to December 17
Week 3 Slots Tourney: December 20 to December 24
Week 4 Slots Tourney: December 27 to December 30

Weekend Blackjack Bash
Blackjack tourneys play exclusively on weekends, from September 6 to September 29. Keep these dates handy:
Prizes for three highest winners (Total wins):

1st Prize:         $150 Cash + 150 BBs
2nd Prize:        $100 Cash + 100 BBs
3rd Prize:         $50 Cash + 50 BBs
Round I: December 3 to December 5
Round II: December 10 to December 12
Round III: December 17 to December 19
Round IV: December 24 to December 26

Deposit Bargains

Deposit Bonuses, Cash Raffles and Bingo Bucks… a bingo-player’s best friends! Find them here in extra-large doses!

King-sized Weekly Cash Raffles
We have cash raffles for you everyday! If your deposit meets the minimum requirements for that day, you can ask Live Help to count you in for the draw! Just follow the week’s schedule to plan your wins!

Free-flowing Weekly Bonuses
Each day of the week, we reward one lucky player who deposits $50 or more with an EXTRA bonus!


  • Maximum total bonus including loyalty: 500%.
  • Results are announced at midnight everyday.

Birthday Bouquet!
Birthdays mean doing more of your favorite thing! So go on a bingo-spree with 5 free cards and 10 BBs on your big day! Just ask Live Help or the chat host to credit these to your account a day before your birthday!

Chock-fulls of Referral Bonus
For bringing the most friends to BingoFlash in a month, you get 100 BBs! Plus 25% of the deposits made by your friends over the next 90 days!