Play bingo and win every Sunday in May!

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Every Sunday this May, head to the Seasonal Bingo room at 4:00PM EDT and get ready for a whopping 8 hours of bingo on Mother’s Day themed patterns. There are three different games available including Starting $75, High/Low $200/ $100, and Guaranteed $250 games.

Things will get a little more exciting when Mother’s Day lands on May 8th. All the games are the same, just BIGGER! That’s right, it’s a Starting $150, High/Low $300 / $150, and Guaranteed $500. Cards for these games will also cost the same and will have the same promotion of Buy 6 cards get 3 Free!

An eight-hour Weekly Bingo event that will happen all month long with back-to-back different bingo games and prizes. On Mothers Day there will be a special version of the promotion.

  • Games will take place in our Seasonal Bingo Room every Sunday and run from 4:00PM EDT for 8 hours of non-stop Bingo Fun!
  • Cards just $1 each for First event and High/Low games and $1.50 each for Guaranteed Games. Both with promotional offer of Buy 6 cards get 3 Free!
  • Cards for the May 8th Games will cost the same and have the same promotion.

Have fun this May with the Video Bingo Tournament!

Throughout May, we’re kicking things off with our first-ever Video Bingo Tournament. This will take place every single Friday and run for the whole day. It gives you the chance to try out all our new and exciting video bingo games.

What’s more, we have a weekly prize pool of $1,500 up for grabs. And this will be split between the top 20 players each Friday.

The winner will scoop a $500 cash prize while the runners-up get their prizes as a universal bonus. So, get ready every Friday and get playing some of our most popular video bingo games for your chance to win big!

A 1-day weekly Video Bingo Tournament with a weekly prize pool of $1,500 rewarded to the Top 20 players with a top prize of $500 in cash.

The event kicks off each week from 12:00AM EDT Fridays through to 11:59PM EDT on Friday.

You must have funded in the previous 7 days and need to select Opt-in using the button below to participate. Promotion will be ranked by the best-equalized win over one (1) consecutive round.

1st Place$500.00Cash
2nd Place$250.00Universal Bonus
3rd Place$150.00Universal Bonus
4th Place$100.00Universal Bonus
5th Place$75.00Universal Bonus
6th – 10th Place$50.00Universal Bonus
11th – 15th Place$25.00Universal Bonus
16th – 20th Place$10.00Universal Bonus