Wink Bingo summer sizzle with two big games playing in July and August

First up is the 90-ball bingo game Sizzling Summer £2k which will be played on Saturday 16th July at 9pm. With cards costing a mere 20p each to be pre purchased under the Prebuys tab this game has four cash prizes up for grabs.

You’ll get £300 on 1 line, £500 on 2 lines and a cool Full House prize of £1000. Theres a 1TG prize of £200 to be shared by players on 1tg who haven’t won any other prizes when the game is won.

With a sizzling jackpot of £2000 to be won on a hot Saturday night you’ll get to celebrate summer time in great style. With any of these prizes you could get the latest summer wardrobe or set up a brand new barbeque grill in the garden for some cool parties. With the maximum 96 cards into this game you’ll have the best chance at winning a slice of this jackpot and if you’ve already made plans for Saturday night then pre-buying your cards will mean you don’t have to lose out on your big chance.

Nothing gives more pleasure than winning a big cash prize and if it comes for free then this win becomes simply perfect. Wink Bingo gives you the chance of making your day perfect with a massive £6k Perfect Day game which plays on Saturday 27th August at 9pm. The three mega cash prizes to be won in this 90-ball bingo game can make your day at the spa, the shops or even a second honeymoon perfect. If you’re planning on a summer wedding then your windfall will make your big day even more special.

On covering 1 line you’ll win £1000, 2 lines will pay £2000 and with a Full House you’ll be winning a whopping £3000. You can pre-buy up to 96 cards at £2 each for playing this game or better yet you can earn your free bingo cards simply by playing all your favourite games at this bingo site. With 1 free card coming on every 500 points earned you’ve got until Monday 22nd August to grab all the £6k Perfect Day points you can.
Every time you wager £20 on any instant games you’ll be rewarded with the minimum 1 point and there are 20 points to be collected for every £2 wagered on 90 and 75 ball games. This includes your card purchase into the Sizzling Summer £2k game coming up on this Saturday. Look out for the Bikini Top or Bikini Bottom pattern to bingo on; you’ll add 20 points with every win. Also, keep a look out for the special Golden Ticket patterned games in which a bingo is worth 500 points giving you 1 free card instantly.

As the game’s date nears you’ll get even more opportunities for earning your free cards. An easy way to pick up a chunk of 50 points in the £6k Perfect Day bingo promotion is to post a comment on the Wink Bingo Facebook wall describing what you’d be doing on your perfect day. With a big cash injection coming from winning in this game your big day can be nothing but perfect.