Bingo Hall got some ammo for your unrelenting Bingo determination

The middle of summer can be quite a challenging time, with record temperatures popping up everywhere. Bingo players should try to enjoy the heat, go to the beach, eat some ice cream, but when all is said and done, nothing cools you off quite like a good game of bingo!

bingo hall tournaments

The Dollar Room Jackpot is slowly growing towards the $15,000 mark with no one to claim it in sight – prove everyone that you have what it takes to claim it! Bingo Hall also got some ammo for your unrelenting Bingo determination, since for every deposit of $100 or more, you will be rewarded with a 300% deposit bonus . And to top it all off, we’ll even offer a 10% cashback with the same deposit!

A new thrilling slot tournament is coming your way and, regardless of your favourite slot, gives you a chance to win interesting prizes. Prepare for the 3-Way Slot Tournament and get your fair share of the awards totaling $2,200 in bonuses! Eager roomies have upped the Dollar Room Jackpot to $28,600 in record time and a lucky one might just win it today. We’re quite sure you could do so much with such a great sum, so make sure you don’t miss out on the great games to be played there today!

A great game doesn’t just play itself and making sure you go for a prize with all your energy will make it worthwhile. That’s why we’re offering you a spectacular 400% bingo bonus for every deposit of $100 or more!

Sun Bathing
A nice cool glass of lemonade is jut the thing to keep by your pool side when going for a swim or sun bathing. Between July 6th and July 11th, the Lemonade pattern will play in all our bingo rooms, with fantastic prizes in bingo bonuses for whichever wins the most! Read more

Sunset Essence
Watching the sunset during summer is quite heart warming, but not as much as our prizes! Join us in our Quarters bingo room on Sunday, July 8th, for a session of $130 fixed bingo games!

Ice is Nice
A glass of icy fruit juice is best served together with friends, that’s why Bingo Hall is giving you the chance to bring a friend over! If you refer someone to us, you will receive 25% of that person’s deposits during the following 90 days!

All night long
Bingo Hall has just the thing to keep you dancing all night long – how’s about a 400% bingo bonus for any of $75 on Friday, July 6th? We knew you’d be delighted.

Female Villain
Evil is not a strictly male activity, as displayed by Nurse Hatchet in “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Race to win the most “Letter N” patterns in the Desperate Housewives Room and enjoy a part of the $700 prizes.

The Joker
One of our favorite villains returns to add a hint of dark humor to real dangerous situations. CM Hawk will have to find the booby traps hidden by the Joker and you have to help him find them in a great chat game in our Quarters room on Sunday, June 24th from 2 AM to 4 AM EST.

Real Life Villains
There’s no better way to combat an evil state of mind than with some great bingo. That’s why today, we’ll get your game on an upward slope with 400% extra for every $75 deposited and a 170% bonus for s lower than $75. Enjoy 4 times the fun at BingoHall!