Bingo Hall Good Cop vs Bad Cop Promotion

The Bingo Hall Team just loves to see everyone on a winning streak through the Bingo rooms – and they would love to share that joy with you with a superb bingo promotion.

bingo hall good cop

Why not go all the way with a superb 600% offer on your first two deposits! Since good things don’t only happen once, but twice – especially when enjoying the bingo at Bingo Hall! Claim it by contacting the Customer Support department with the code “600BOOST” but hurry; it’s only available for 5 days!

Once you got the goods, make your getaway to the bingo, since the Good cop vs. Bad cop promo has just started and you might be in for pa part of the prizes that could exceed $2000. Good or evil, everyone gets a share of the spoils.

Prepare for a week of high stake chases and thrills since Bingo Hall is unveiling the competition that will make Bingo history in true cops and robbers style. The chase starts with the 1st stage, between Monday, August 27th and Wednesday August 29th, when we’ll award the three titles to the roomies. Fight for the one you want as follows*:

  • The Criminal will be the one who gets the most Question Mark patterns in the Dollar Room.
  • The Good Cop will be awarded to the one that gets the highest pot in one spin in the Hollywood Reels slot.
  • The Bad Cop will go to the player who wins the most Keno games.

Bingo Hall will announce the identity of the Good Cop and of the Bad Cop on their blog on Thursday, August 30th and they must send a ticket to confirm their participation. The Criminal’s identity will be withheld from the roomie crowds for the moment, but he will be announced in person by phone, by our Customer Support team. All three must confirm their participation in the event no later than Friday, August 31st. Also, each cop must name one friend to be their ally and the Criminal must name an accomplice who will work for him to deceive the cops.

Sunday, September 2nd, all three will receive their paycheck for the upcoming activities:

The true chase begins on Sunday, September 2nd, between 9 PM EST and 12 AM EST when the Ghetto Room will open for 3 hours for all players, for $0,50/card. It will be in this harsh bingo city street where the two cops must find the evil doer. He has stolen everyone’s bingo prizes and bonuses and our daring heroes simply must get them back!

They will have the aid of our great CM Funky and the other roomies, who will offer them hints. Minimum 4 cards per game are necessary to become a Witness and help with the investigation. The witnesses can debate the identity of the Criminal with the cops and play for the following patterns:

  • Gun pattern – the CM will reveal other daring capers of the criminal (other wins during his games played at Bingo Hall)
  • Crazy Magnifying Glass – the CM will reveal a hint about the criminal’s alias, hobbies, pets and other personal things.
  • X pattern – the CM will tell the witnesses and the cops one of the Criminals’ previous locations (an hour and a date and a room in which the Criminal has played Bingo)

Each of these 3 patterns will be worth $50 cash and will run once per hour. At the end of each game, CM Funky will reveal a hint from each category, for a total of 9 hints. However, the cops must be careful since the Criminal has corrupted the CM, so 2 Hints might be misleading.

After 12 AM EST the room will be opened for one more hour, with regular games. During this period, the Good Cop and the Bad Cop will have to make their guess (just ONE each) regarding the identity of the Criminal. If one of the cops guesses correctly he will receive $500 Bonus (amount will be split evenly if both cops guess correctly). The winner’s ally will receive $50 bonus for his help in solving the case

If the Criminal manages to outwit the coppers in the chat games and neither cop guesses his real identity (username), he will enjoy a $250 bonus and 100% cashback on his deposits made between Monday, September 3rd and Friday, September 7th . His accomplice will also receive $50 bonus if the criminal eludes capture.

Good luck and let the bingo games of daring and mischief begin!

If either player chosen as cop or criminal is not eligible or refuses to participate, the next player in terms of game ranking will take his place.
Each player must remain within character once the game starts and should fulfill their role or his bonus might be forfeited.
Final bonus prizes will be credited on Monday, September 3rd.