New 2018 Tourney Room – Zodiac Star Sign Bingo

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  • One x $500 GUARANTEED game.
  • Three x $150 GUARANTEED games.
  • Six x $100 GUARANTEED games.

Are you feeling lucky? The New Lucky Bingo Tourney Room opens every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 10pm (EST) throughout January. (Exclusive Room – Deposit to unlock this room).

Players need to register with $25 cash. The $25 CASH fee covers the automatic pre-bought cards for all games, including the $10,000 CA, $5,000 CA, and $1,000 CA follow by $100-$500 multipart GUARANTEED GAMES such as the lady bug, horseshoe, shamrock, bingo fairy, rainbow and much more… (Fair and Square/12 cards per game).

As if that wasn’t enough, our lovely chat host are ready to sprinkle lucky fairy dust on your bingo cards, leading you on the way to winning cash prizes.

Ready to make 2018 be your best year yet and do more of the things that make you happy?

Zodiac Star Sign Bingo

Get ready cause we are making your Birthday month even more special! Join in for the new Zodiac Star Sign Bingo event each month to celebrate each star sign! Once a month we will be celebrating the new Start Sign with an EXCLUSIVE $200 FREE ROLL EVENT for all depositors in that specific star sign!

Amigo Bingo will also have a special Astrology pattern that matches the corresponding start sign of the month playing every night. If you bingo on the star sign pattern and it happens to be your Astrology sign as well, you can claim $15BBs from us!