New Year’s Day Resolution Games

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A New Year is here, and Bingo Fest is celebrating the old one going and a New Year starting, filled with hope for the year ahead. It’s the perfect time to create New Year resolutions and goals for 2018.

To help you celebrate and give you some great ideas for your very own New Year resolutions, they have created a fun filled selection of New Year’s Day Resolution Games to play.

  • Start a diet €15 starting pots at €0.21 a card
  • Get Fit Guaranteed €60 better health games at €0.60 a card
  • Coverall Clean House €6,000 Min €60 games at €0.60 a card
  • Read a book starting €18 games at €0.30 a card
  • Play online bingo guaranteed €180 Happiness while I yell Bingo games at €0.90 a card
  • Get organized coverall €4,500 min €45 games at €0.60 a card
  • Stick to resolutions guaranteed €60 games at €0.60 a card
  • Be kind starting €15 games at €0.21 a card

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Happy New Year from Bingo Fest!

Stargazer’s Bingo Tourney – Look to the stars to win big in January

It’s January and a time to look forward to a year filled with bingo fun and bingo jackpot prizes to be won at Bingo Fest in 2018. Get ready to discover what the bingo stars will reveal for you in the Stargazer’s Bingo Tourney and you could win up to €600 cash playing your favorite bingo games.

The fun filled Stargazer’s Bingo Tourney plays from January 1st until January 31st in the BingoFest New Year’s Bingo room and guarantees a fabulous €1,710 of prizes to be won by the top 10 players who win the most times on the special Stargazer’s Bingo Tourney games.

Each hour of every day throughout the month we will play one of our special Stargazer bingo games and not only will players win a fantastic cash prize, they will also receive 1 tourney point that will be added to our tourney leader board. The more points won, the bigger the prize of up to a Stargazing €600 in cash.

The Stargazer’s Bingo Tourney will play on one of 12 zodiac bingo patterns, these fun bingo games have a card cost of only €0.30 each and a special Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all bingo cards.